Friday, January 15, 2010

This and That and This and a little more of That...

This week has been one that has been sad and sent me to prayer. The devastation in Haiti has been on my heart and mind and I've been wondering what we can do. Husband and I are prayerfully seeking God for what He wants us to do. I hope you will do that to.


Tonight is Homecoming for our school and Dak was selected as the Junior Class Attendant. He is now happy about it, but it has taken since he found out (before CHRISTmas break) until now. Boys. Girls are pumped and automatically thinking about what they'll wear and their hair, etc. Boys? Not so much. But he is now excited about it, only today in an assembly, the girl attendants are putting make up on the boy attendants and they have to do these silly games in front of the whole school =) hahahahha but thankfully Dak is a ham and crowds don't really bother him. He eats it up!!!

So tonight this mama is going to Homecoming to watch her baby walk in as an attendant. It is so exciting!!!!! I love him so!!!!! How in the world do they grow up so fast? I miss the days of him crawling up in my lap and loving on me. Of course, now that has been replaced with his big ole arms around me and enveloping me in the kitchen just because. Yep I like that too. A.lot.

Have a Blessed and lovely weekend,


  1. I know... the pain in Haiti is just so overwhelming... especially when you feel so helpless...Praying for everyone involves & that WILL be involved in the helping & healing...

    Get that new camera ready for some photos of your boy tonight! How fun!!

  2. Haiti-is heart breaking. I have donated toward the cause but I know it is not enough. But I know my GOD is big enough.

    Aw, Homecoming! Don't the days pass to quickly..

  3. I have turned the news off and am trying not to click on any news bites online. I can not watch any longer. It weighs too heavily on my heart.
    Boys grow up into fine young men. Who will always love their moms.

  4. Hope Dak had fun last night!! They do grow up so fast... I'm now communicating with one of my children on an electronic basis only. :( But, I'm looking forward to a trip there in February.