Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Only 5? Tag You're It!!

My dear blog friend RJ (Rebecca Jo) tagged me.
RJ is one of my best blog friends. She is so kind and sweet and man can she knit.
The girl has skills!!!

So she tagged me in a Top Five of 2009.
But how in the world do you pick just 5?
But I went through my pics and did pick 5, so here we go...

#1 ~~ Sir Cuteness turned 1!!!
What a fun little guy this is. He is the cutest sweetest little g-babe you can imagine.
He is so happy and fun and he loves ~~ LOVES BIG!!
He gives hugs and kisses and now fist bumps, it is the cutest thing!!!
We love him so!!

#2 ~~ Dak started his Junior year of High School!!!
How did this happen?!!?!
I mean seriously he was just a babe yesterday (or so it feels to me =)
I love him so!!!

#3 ~~ My dear mama turned 70!!!
It was such a fun day!!

#4 ~~ Road Tripping to Mayo ~~
Well this year we made 2 trips to Mayo.
One in March for a follow-up on the PFA Knee Surgery from the previous November,
and then in December, just before CHRISTmas we made another trip.
It was eventful, both in the weather department and what we found out.
I have been in an intensive PT home program since we got back, and I'm doing REALLY good!!!
God is so amazing!!! AMAZING!! This knee may never be what it once was, But God (don't you love that?!!) but God never changes ~~ Praise Him!!!!!

#5 ~~ Dak got his first job ~~ and hence his first official paycheck.
How cute is this picture?~~ He is such a sweetie!!

So there are 5 of my moments of 2009. There were many more I could have added, but since 5 was the limit there you are =0)

So let's see ~~ who to tag?
1. Kat at Heart2Heart
2. Heather at Life at Sonic Speed
3. Betsy

These are just 3 of my favorite blogs. Go check them out and tell them I said hi!!
And if you want to play along please do and let me know ~~ I'll come visit =D

Have a Super day in the LORD,


  1. Thanks for playing along!!! :)

    Love your pics... what a fun year... Sir Cuteness always has to be up there, doesnt he? And a first check??!?!?!?! How exciting is that!

  2. I love your 5...so hard to pick when they're all so good! Have a great day!!

  3. So enjoyed your message and especially the photos! I love you dear sister. Praying for you...

  4. sooo cute! loved reading!
    hope you're well!?
    i've been a little MIA again..lol!!
    have a great week!

  5. so hard to pick when they're all so good! Have a great day!!

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