Monday, January 18, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Back in December when Dak found out that he had been voted Junior Class Attendant for Homecoming, he was less than excited.

He was happy that his classmates nominated him, but let's face it, he is a boy and to boys it means wearing a tie. Blech... =)

But as the time drew closer the more excited he became, so by the time Friday evening rolled around he was happy about it and then when he saw Cheyenne he was just elated.

She looked so pretty, and was just so happy they were nominated.

So here we go with pics of Dak and Cheyenne overload... =)

Here is the balloon arch.....

Here are the cuties....Cheyenne and Dak!!!
This pic is so cute....Dak saw me in the stands taking pics and he reached over to Cheyenne and pointed me out, so they both looked up and cheesed it for the camera, then I gave them a thumbs up and Dak gave me one back, yep right in the middle of the Homecoming Ceremony.
It rocked!!!!! Totally!!!!!

Here they are walking in...
The girl you see in the front here in the zebra print dress is our neighbor...what a cutie!!!

Here they are walking in...

They were so sweet together.
I was so happy for the both of them.
They couldn't win, because they are not Seniors,
but they totally represented their class well!!!

So now this mama needs to get on that Junior Class Scrapbook. We have some GREAT memories so far, and Prom is yet to come. Dak's on the committee and they are planning some extremely fun and creative things.

Have a Beautiful day,


  1. Look at how handsome your young man is!!!! And WOWWWWWW - Cheynne looks JUST like our youngest, Lindsay... I never realized it until these pictures... I even did a double take! :)

    Cant wait for prom season - so fun to look at everyone's prom pictures!

    And stay on top of scrapbooking because the closer he gets to the end of this year & and then, whew, NEXT year? You'll be so busy with pictures, it'll be high school overload!

  2. Your son is very Handsome!
    What great memories you have captured!

    Yes, I still like you even though you don't watch

  3. Cute and handsome make nice pictures for the memory books.

  4. Love the photos! Great memories being created for Dak.