Sunday, February 21, 2010

WOW What a week it's been!!!

Well hello again my blogging lovelies!! How are you?!!

WOW I haven't posted in more than a week. So unlike me. In fact I don't think I've done that since the onset of this blog almost two years ago, even with my surgery I was able to blog, but this last couple of weeks have been C-R-A-Z-Y!!

I have not been feeling well for a while. I've been just feeling very tired and have had very low energy for a few weeks. Last week, I started getting very nauseous and started having pain in my side. So I went to the doc on Thursday and she put me in the hospital thinking that it was appendicitis.

Well I was admitted and then it was time for an IV and some fluids. I have never been a hard stick until Thursday. Apparently I was dehydrated and that is not conducive to getting IV's started. They tried twice and couldn't get it in either place, so they called the IV people and this lady, Mandy, came in with a machine, an ultra-sound machine. She found a vein up high in my arm, like on the inside up around my bicep. I've never had one there before (and I've had a lot of IV's in my life). She numbed it up first, so I really didn't feel it go in. I was so thankful for that. It's a tender spot.

Well with IV in, the fluids started coming as well. That was good. Well they did the CT of my appendix and it came back okay. (We really didn't feel like it was my appendix, but knew because of where the pain was that we needed to make sure). What they did find was that I was very backed up. (Yep it is what your thinking =) (I know A LOT of sharing today ;) So they gave me some medicine to get things a movin' (if ya know what I mean), and then my doc came in on Friday morning.

She feels there may be two things going on here. First she thinks I have an ulcer. I'm now on medicine for that and it is helping. But she doesn't know why I am having the other problem, because an ulcer wouldn't cause that. She said that as far as diet goes, I am one of her healthier patients. I eat EXTREMELY well. I pay close attention to what I put in my body. I'd say that's a good thing. Can you imagine how I'd feel if I didn't? EEK!!

So I go back to see her in two weeks and then we will see how I'm feeling then and discuss options for tests. She mentioned a colonoscopy and an upper-GI. Neither one seems fun to me!! Hopefully I'll be feeling much better by then and no need for either one, but we will see.

I'm still feeling pretty bad, but I'm hanging in there. Hoping that today will be a better day. So far it's yuck, but I'm praying it gets better as the day goes.

Thought I'd leave you with a couple of pics. This first one is, of course, Sir Cuteness. I mean seriously have you even seen a cuter spelunker? This was taken a couple of weeks ago at Dick's dad. He loves that light. So cute!!

And then this one was taken yesterday. Dak felt the need to put his Halloween wig on my head and take pics. This one was probably the least scary!! I am very pale, didn't want to scare you =) so thought I'd just give you a "peek" of me right now. Yes, of course, that is a smile. God is still good, NO MATTER WHAT!!! I am learning so much right now. He is teaching me so much. I've just had wrong ideas in my head, wrong ideals in my heart, but God is working those out in me and helping me to see Him for who He truly is. Amazing.

Well, hopefully I will be blogging more regularly this week. I've missed y'all. And hopefully I'll be visiting more too. I received a very sweet blog award from Kat recently, and I'd so love to share it with you and pass it on. So hopefully I'll feel more like being on this week and passing on some fun.

Love you all ~~ Blessings to you,


  1. Oh my gosh friend!!!! I knew you had that doc's appointment, but had NO IDEA all these crazy results! you gotta teach your guys how to send your friends messages out in the techno-world!!!!

    Hoping & praying you are feeling better today! Are you still in pain & sick? Oh mercy... I'm all worried now!!!!!

    take care... glad Dick suggested you made that appointment!!!!

    love you!!!!

  2. Aww! I hope that you are feeling much better really soon!! :(

    I am praying for you. :)

  3. Well that doesn't sound like much fun!! I hope you feel better soon. I was thinking the same thing about your diet... can you imagine if you ate like 99% of our society???

  4. Oh Dawn. I am so glad to see your blog. I was starting to get worried. It is so unlike to to miss.
    I am sorry for ah...problem. As one who knows it is a real pain. But as they say...this to shall pass. Pun intended.
    Welcome back.

  5. yay!! glad you're back!!
    hope you're feeling better soon!
    cute pics!!

  6. Soooo sweet of you Sweetie, to pop by my blog from Lisa's, THANKS it made me Grin and your blog is delightful by the way...Think I'll add as a follower if it okay with you...
    Big Hugs from Iowa~~~Dena