Friday, February 5, 2010

Random Friday...

Random Friday is back!!! YAY!! Don't you just enjoy some Randomness once in a while?

And look who has come to visit!! Yep, that's right Sir Cuteness is in da house!!! (In my best rap voice ~~ Dak will be cracking up when he reads this ~~ hahahaha)

Yep Sir Cuteness is cracking up too!! heehee ~~
Hey Sir Cuteness is that part of your Halloween your wearing?
Why yes Grammy it is, I love it!!!
Look what I received in the mail today. Now can I just say how impressed I am with Amazon right now? I ordered it last week, but it didn't go on sale until Tuesday. Out on Tuesday and in my hot little hands on Friday. You've gotta love that!!! Thanks Amazon!!

I will be participating in the study via The LPM blog, who will be joining us?

Well you will notice when you leave a comment, the ever popular, "comment will be approved after blog owner approval" will appear. For the last couple of weeks I've been having suspicious comments popping up, and now I had a comment on my last post in Chinese, so I'm gonna have to moderate. So what does that mean for you? Well nothing really. Keep commenting and I will moderate and put those bad boys right on up =) because yes my friends, I am just cool like that.

So on another note....anyone ready for the SUPER BOWL? How about you RJ are you ready with your yarn to throw at the TV for all the bad calls against my beloved Colts? (That's the team in Blue and White =)

I really enjoy watching the game and fixing yummy snacks. I haven't decided for sure what I'm fixing this year since it looks like it will be just me and hubs hanging out watching the game. We may have salad ~~ hahahaha jk-ing. Is that even possible? Salad on Super Bowl Sunday?!! Anyway, I'm thinking sliders, but I've never made them, but I am intrigued so we will see.

Oh I also have some really cute pics of Dak to put up. As you can see from the header we took some in the snow one day and they turned out so cute, so I'm hoping to get those up maybe in a slide show on my sidebar, if I can figure that out =) and I'm sure I'll have some more of Sir Cuteness after this weekend of fun!!!

Have a Blessed and Beautiful weekend,


  1. HAHA!! I am actually better then you think - being around my area - EVERYONE is wearing COLTS stuff so I at least know their colors... I actually dont know the colors or anything about the other team though... haha!!

    I'm going to be sure to throw the yarn at the TV just for you Sunday night!!!! Even if the TV is on "Project Runway" :)

  2. Oh - yeah - I got all that Chinese stuff too on my blog - what's that about????

  3. Dawn, He is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. And he loves his Gramma.
    I was reading a book by Beth Moore, but have started hearing a few unsettling things about her, so for now I have put the book aside. Next time I talk with my friends husband I will discuss her with him. He is my go to guy for answers.
    I love the blog look. How do you do that? I want to make changes but am lost as how to even begin. I don't understand computer speakwhen reading directions.

  4. Your header makes me want to tell Dak to get a coat on! Ha!

    We don't really get excited about the Super Bowl most years. I DVR it and mostly watch the commercials. So, now big party here or fuss over snacks. It's pretty much a normal Sunday for us. Boring, hah?

  5. Cute, cute, cute!!! Thanks for sharing with us.

    I love you Sis. Praying still...

  6. Dawn,

    By the way if you have a moment, I have an award just for you on my blog today.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat