Friday, March 12, 2010

Beautiful, Wonderful, Picture Friday...

WOW has it really been a week and a half since I posted?
Let me answer that ..... umm, yes, yes indeed it has been.
WOW time flies!!!
My sister told me the other day that she hasn't seen any recent pics of Sir Cuteness because I am a slacker haven't blogged lately =)
I am such a slacker.
Truth is....I've been crazy busy lately.
But I wanted to post some recent pics of our Sir Cuteness and one of Dak and Sir Cuteness,
because well they are just the bee's knees (what does that even mean?) anyway...
They are just the sweetest!!!
So here goes...
Look at those eyes ~~

Baby boy has a deep love for papa's hats....

So cute.....

Especially this one ....
It's his fav .....

So incredibly, stinkin' cute.....

What a doll baby.....hammin ' it up, Sky style!!!

Why yes, yes he is all boy and loves him some dirt .....

And here he is with his FAV Uncle....Dak
.... are they not the cutest things going ~~ I mean seriously ...

Speaking of Sir Cuteness, I am on my way to go get him right now.
So have a Blessed and Beautiful Friday,


  1. Aww, so so so cute!!! Enjoy Sir Cuteness!!! Love you.

  2. Oh my goodnesss... can you just eat him up or what? I cant believe how big he's getting!!!!

    Looks like its getting a bit nicer where he can get that ball of energy released OUTSIDE - yipee!!!!

    Been missing seeing you here friend!!!

    Love you!!!

  3. Dawn,

    One can never get enough of your two amazing boys! I bet you are getting ready for one incredible weekend. So glad that you posted and hope you and your knee are doing well.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. He looks so cute in those little hats! What a cutie!