Wednesday, March 24, 2010

From the Inside Out...Part 2

I went to the naturopathic Doc yesterday, and can I just say that it was EYE OPENING!! There were things that I found out in there that both made me extremely hopeful and very sad.

Advances in medicine have not only hit conventional medicine, but also naturopathic medicine. The things they can do now as compared to even five or six years ago is astounding. They can now test your DNA and find out what your genetic make-up is, including what your pre-despositions are to diseases and defencies in your body. And then after this is done, they taylor make supplements for your specific gene-code, that give your body EXACTLY what your body is lacking (at least to the best of what a doc can do). I was just THRILLED!!! There are 12 markers that they test in the DNA, so in four weeks I will know what I am specifically lacking in this physical body as far as physical things go, and then will start taking supplements to fill-in what I am lacking. WOW!! Amazing!!!

Before the four weeks is up though, I will already have a supplement pack to start taking. It is a pack that everyone (who is tested) takes because did you know that 99.1 % of all of our DNA are alike? I know!! Who knew? Doctor Hoover says it is that other .9% that gets us. That's the stuff that makes us so different, the stuff that predisposes us to other things. Yes I know. Who knew? Seriously!! So that I will start taking as soon as it gets here. YAY!!!

Now I'd like to share with you the sad part of this appointment. He did a body composition yesterday to see what my overall health is, and it is not good turns out. Recently I have lost a lot of weight, due to the fact that I cannot eat very much, not to mention the fact that I just feel rotten a lot of days. And apparently that has done a number on my system. Instead of losing fat, I have been losing muscle. Now I knew something was up, because instead of being able to go up in weights when I work out, over the last few weeks I've had to go down. I know...crazy!!! So I knew something was up. Well turns out that my BMI is 34.3, +6.9 points more than it should be. What?!! And my muscle mass is 64.1, -6.7 down from where it should be. Here is the kicker, Dr. Hoover said that I am no healthier than an obese person. What? How can that even be? But he said it is because of the muscle that I am losing. I am losing weight, but not fat. Isn't that nuts?!! Wow I had NO idea.

So here's the plan, starting today, I will be doing A LOT of resistance training. He doesn't want me doing a lot of aerobics right now, because that will aide in more weight loss, and he doesn't want me losing anymore weight. So resistance will be key to getting me healthier. That is where I will be starting. It's funny because I know how to work out, but I find myself wondering what to do, ya know where to begin. Weird. anyway...

But thankfully all of this health stuff isn't bringing me down. I know whom I have believed and I'm convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him for that day. II Timothy 1:12 I'm actually excited to start feeling better and have more energy. This has been a very long road sometimes. But God is faithful!!!! No matter what, He is still God!!!!!

Easter is coming and my heart is turing toward home, if you will. I am starting to still myself for all that the Easter season brings. Sunday is Palm Sunday and then next Friday Good Friday and then the following Sunday is Easter. Hallelujah!!! He arose!!!!! So as I prepare my heart "from the inside out" I'd like to share this song with you by The Hoppers. If you don't know The Hoppers, Oh you should. They are an amazing Southern Gospel group and this is an amazing song. Let's start preparing our hearts toward home and what God did for us through Christ. That is the truly amazing inside out transformation that has taken place for those of us who believe. PRAISE HIS NAME!!!!!

Spend some time with Him today and enjoy His presence.

Love and joy to you all today,


  1. That is really interesting. I am looking forward to reading more of this discovery.

  2. thats so cool... I would love to know all my stats on that work up... sounds so interesting...

    Get to pumping those weights girlie! Gotta have the muscle to keep a body functioning! That's crazy though that they said you're the same as an obese person... just nuts!

  3. Wow! That's about all I can say. As you said, who knew? Does medical insurance cover your type of doctor? I would be interested in seeing one if they were covered. I hate just treating symptoms.
    Are Pilates a type of resistance training? I really have no idea. Or maybe working with bands and the big ball thing?
    I hope and pray that you are on the road to feeling healthier.
    Easter is a time of miracles and if we are looking with our eyes and hearts open we will see them everywhere.