Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Sweet Moments...

I had such a sweet day hanging out with this little one.
He is the sweetest thing ever, and he loves his grammy!!!
The feeling is oh so mutual, Sir Cuteness!!
Look how cute he is, looking at me, trusting me, holding on for dear life, loving me...
Oh how I love this little fella!!!
We had the BEST time!!
Oh yeah I said that already. Can you tell we had the best time? Can ya?!! =)
And here we are sharing a little fist bump explosion.
You can't see the explosion part in this picture, but the boy knows how to fist bump!!
Just sayin' ...
My days are so full of joy when this little one is around. Even in the midst of pain and hurt and stuff, he just makes it all so much better. He loves me know matter what. And loves me even more when I let him have some peach juice. Oh yeah, now that is the stuff of champions!!!
I am having tests run this morning and then it's off for a day with Dak. He is on Spring Break this week, and today we are going prom shopping or prom looking depends on what we find I guess, oh yeah and how much money I want to spend =) and then it's off to the movies. We're going to see "Alice in Wonderland" in 3-D. Dak has informed me that the 3-D movies of today are SOOOOO much different and better than the 3-D's of yesteryear (my day, heehee) and so this should be fun and eventful I'd say. What says you?!?!!
So I'm leaving you today with a little video of Sir Cuteness and me hanging out at his house the other day. Yep it's breakfast, and yep that is oatmeal adorning his adorable little face.
He wears it well!!
Please excuse the poor video lighting. I am a dork when it comes to all things camera related. My sweet man fixed it for me last night. It was some kind of setting thing-a-ma-bob. Me?.... I'm a point and shoot kind of camera and video takin' gal. Give me the easy version =)
Have a Super Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~ love you,


  1. Oh Dawn! What a sweet little boy.
    I enjoyed the video very much.

  2. aahh - he snuck in that kiss right at the end... he's so dang cute! Look at the joy on YOUR face just hugging him... makes me anxious to get to Texas to love on some little boys too!!!

    I havent seen the "new" 3-d movies - anxious to see if I can handle it - the old ones made me so dizzy & nauseated & gave me a headache... not what I want to pay for! you'll have to tell us how it goes & if the movie is good!

    Have fun with Dak!!! And good luck on your tests... still praying for your health!!

    Love you friend!!

  3. aw...such sweet pictures! he's getting so big! nothing like those babies uh??!!
    hope you're doing well!?
    have a wonderful rest of the week!

  4. Sheer cuteness!!!!

    You are so precious Dawn - love you sweet friend!

  5. Aww, Sir cuteness is TOO cute!! SMILE. Precious video! Loved the photos too!

    Enjoy your grand son and your time shopping with Dak and the movie.

    You're a sweet soul and you ALREADY know I'm praying for you dear friend. Love you.