Monday, March 1, 2010

Is it Monday yet? ...

Oh my word what a weekend. In the craziest sense of the word!!!!!

Y'all know that Sir Cuteness got the stomach flu last week. Well his mama got it after he did, then I got it on Friday, and then Dick got it on Saturday and then Chase (Sky's daddy) called this morning about 6:45 am and he has it. Oh my!!! The only one who hasn't had it is Dak, and we are so praying that he doesn't get it. He was hole up in his room yesterday bathing in anti-bacterial lotion and soap. Official tennis practice starts today, and he so wants to stay well.

This stomach flu is crazy!! I don't know if it because I am just puny in general, or if it is because of my recent bout of ulcer-ville, but it has hit me hard. I am still feeling really icky. Still not able to eat much and today I just ache. Yuck!! Okay enough about that. I hope none of y'all get it.


I wanted to ask for prayer for my dad's wife's family. My stepmom's mom passed away on Saturday evening. She was a beautiful woman of God. She passed away at 94 and today is in the loving arms of Jesus, her Lord and Savior. She was a mother, mentor, servant and Blessing to everyone she touched. She was just a doll. A beautiful reflection of our Savior on this earth, bringing the Good News!! She will be greatly missed by her family, church family and extended family and friends.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful day,


  1. Dawn

    Dear God,

    We ask for you to keep this wonderful family well that has gotten sick. We know that you are the Mighty Physician and Healer in all things. Please reach down your hand and keep Dak well and from being sick and heal his family as well.

    Please provide the grace and comfort to Dawn's family as well for the recent passing of her step mom. We know that she is free from all pain and suffering being reunited with her heavenly family, but pray for those left behind that her life will be used even know so that others may come to know you even more.

    In Jesus' Mighty Name,


    I hope that you are all able to rest and feel much better soon!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Dawn, I am so sorry that you all have been ill. You certainly have had more than your share this winter. Maybe spring with it's warmer weather will be kinder to you.
    I will say prayers for your step mom tonight.

  3. Oh mercy... that sneaky stomach bug finds a way to get to everyone... hope Dak is staying holed up! Put a mask on that boy & hand sanitizer in his hands at all time!!!! Go tennis try-outs!!! I LOVE playing tennis!!!!

    Feel better friend... it does take awhile to recoup from something like that!!!

    And prayers for your step mom & her family...sounds like a long, beautiful life that I'm sure is being rewarded now...

  4. Oh my, the stomach bug is sweeping across the country. SO many people have had it!! Hope everyone is well soon.

    I'm so sorry about your loss, Dawn. I'll be praying for y'all!