Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The most beautiful love story ever written:

Romans 5:8 "But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

Yes, my friends, that is the most beautiful love story ever written!! I can tell you that it rocks my world still and I pray that it always does. I pray that I never get to the point where my gratefulness turns to taken what Christ did for me on the cross for granted. He didn't have to, and once there, like the hymn tells us, He could have called ten thousand angels to get Him down from there and out of here, but He didn't. What drew Him to earth? What propelled Him to die in such a horrendous way?


Years ago, I came across a song by Third Day that, to this day, still rocks me to my core. It is one of those songs that I can never casually listen to. It is one that causes me to worship deep. Do you know what I mean? One of those songs that you feel on the inside. There are a few songs that touch me like this. DCB's "Oh How He Loves" is another one of those songs...gets me EVERY time.

Take a minute today and breathe in the Love of Christ that drew Him to us; fallen, sinful, pathetic man. He chose to come here. That realization still humbles me; every time. He didn't have to. Let it sink in. He didn't have to leave heaven to come here. He did it because of love. His love for us. Amazing!!!

So as you approach this Easter season, and think about all that it means, really means, consider what Christ did when He came here for us. Consider the price He paid, and then thank Him deep!!! Worship Him deep!!! Have a realtionship with Him, deep!!!

Breathe it in.....

Love Him deep today....Worship Him deep today....

I love you,


  1. whew.... I gotta get a kleenex...

    I've heard this song before but really never pondered the words..

    Just to be with you... wow...

    & the line, I promise I'd do it all again...

    chills... what an AMAZING God who loves us... how worthy of our Praise is He!!!

  2. Dawn,

    I love feeling Gods love. It never gets old and always leaves you refreshed and wanting more. Sounds a bit like a commercial huh?

    How is your knee doing by the way? Been thinking about you and just wanted to let you know.

    Here is hoping for beautiful weather this weekend so you can really enjoy time with all the wonderful men in your life. Happy Blessed Easter!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat