Monday, March 29, 2010

What God Uses

2 years ago Saturday, this little corner of blog world was started.

It's so fun to go back and read those early posts that pretty much only I read. To see me introduce myself to y'all and talk about my Jesus and my family, is heartwarming to me. And today two years later, still talking about my Jesus and my family. Our family has expanded and we've added a g-babe to this cottage mix, and oh how much fun are we having with that little dude. I ask you, could Sir Cuteness get any cuter?!! (I have him today by the way. And he has taken to calling me Maaaaaaaaw!!! Say it just like that with kind of a demanding tone and you have how Sir cuteness gets my attention =) He is the cutest!!

Dak is growing up right before my very eyes. He just called me a few minuts ago and said he was going to be REALLY busy over the next two weeks with Prom prep. He is on the committee and has had so much fun with it. He is growing up SOOOOO fast!!!

God has also used my husband tremendously over the years to bless my life, but in the past two years, He has used him like never before. He has been with me every step of this tumultous journey through numerous doctors, procedures and medicines and he has been my biggest support!! Honey, I can never thank you enough. You are my hero!!!

It is interesting to me how God has used this little blog to make something huge in my life. He has taught me so many lessons through this venue and through so many of you. Y'all have blessed my life so much.

But isn't that just a wonderful part of who God is? That He can use this girl AT ALL is truly a miracle in itself. If you could have seen me, oh about 30, you wouldn't even have recognized the girl writing you today. Trust me....that my friends, is ALL God!!!

Through the webinar that I took a couple of weeks ago, things have changed dramatically for me. I'm still reminding myself to just "do the next thing". That has been an important lesson for me in this journey. I am so much more calm. And today I will be taking a mini-retreat in our prayer room while Sir Cuteness sleeps and my kitchen floor dries. That is another thing I learned in the webinar, retreats don't have to be all weekend, (although those ROCK!!) they can be just a few minutes of quiet time and focus, and that is on my agenda for this afternoon.

Again it is truly amazing "What God Uses"!!!

So today, notice what He is using in your life. It might be rather unorthodox, or it could be very common. I've been trying to take more notice lately and give Him all the glory!!!

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Spring afternoon,


  1. I love that... a retreat doesnt have to be a weekend... Its funny you said that... I have a Bible study book on my desk at work & usually try to take the first half hour at work when no one gets here to have some me & God time... today, its been scattered & I've been doing it off & on all day... but I thought, at least I'm getting time in when I can, even in small doses... so friend, we're on the same brain wave today!

    Tell Dak to have fun with the prom committee...

    You got me wanting to go back & look through some of my old posts now... dont even KNOW when I started... crazy!

  2. Amen dear friend! It truly is amazing that He uses us for His glory.

    Your blog and family has been a blessing to read about and pray for along the journey. I look forward to more visits with you and watching your family continue to have the Hand of God upon you.

    I love you.

  3. I don't know if God is using me, but I do know He led me to you. I am thankful to you in many ways.
    Have a warm and loving Easter.