Monday, March 22, 2010

Trying to Catch-Up

Well hello all!!! Long time no post I know. There is so much to tell y'all about that I'm thinking it's gonna take all week!!! But today, I'd like to start with what is most on my heart; what God has been doing in my life.

I told y'all about the online webinar that I participated in at last week. It was entitled "Revived" and truly that is what it was for me; a revival in my Spirit.

Now to be honest, generally when I hear about Revival or a conference entitled the aforementioned "Revived" I must admit, I am somewhat of a sceptic. Because in my estimation revival, true revival, must begin in the heart and the participant must be open to it. Not that I wasn't, this has just been an incredibly difficult season in my life over the last year, and quite frankly I have felt down-in-the-proverbial-dumps!! So I wasn't sure just attending a webinar was gonna do it, or even if I had time for such, but I really felt God telling me this was for me and to participate as I could, and I did, and boy did He show up in a HUGE way for me!!!

Now I didn't get to hear all of the speakers, but I will be getting the MP3's in a couple of weeks, and am looking so forward to getting those babies downloaded and on my ipod so I can listen at will and enjoy and take notes and change from the inside out even more!!!

But God made sure I heard the ones that I needed for immediate application. Ya know? Isn't it so like our Father to make sure you hear just what you need when you step out in obedience to Him? Such a beautiful thing!!

So I learned that my creativity is a wonderful God-given gift and that I shouldn't stifle it. Now did the speaker say those specific things? No, but God made sure that I understood that He has given me giftings and talents and it's okay to use them, I should use them for His Glory!! It was so liberating to me. I feel like I have a wonderful part of my life back on track and I'll be sharing much more about this in coming posts.

But today what I really wanted to hone in on was one particular thing that happened that God has been continually speaking to me through. She was speaking on calling and doing that which God has called you to and not being afraid. Well at the end of each session you could type your question and the speaker would answer it (this was a live webinar ~~ fantastic!!). So I typed this question: What if you know God has called you to a certain thing, but you don't know where to start? The speakers answer blew me away and has impacted me and the decisions in my life since she said it.

She referenced Elisabeth Elliot. Most of you probably know her story, but if not you can go here to read a short synopsis of her journey. But back in the 1950's her husband was in a remote village of Ecuador with four other men (missionaries) trying to reach the Auca tribe for Jesus. They tried to befriend them and share with them the Good News of the Gospel, but they were speared to death by members of this tribe. After her husbands death Elisabeth prayed to God and asked Him what she was to do next, and God told her: Just do the next thing.

This was so profound to me. This speaker referenced this story and told me to just do the "next thing". And that is what I'm doing. It seems so simple, but it has opened up a world of possiblities. I am so excited about what God is doing and will do in the future regarding the call He has placed on my life and my families life. Revived indeed!!!!!

I cannot express to you the hard season that we've been going through, but I also cannot express enough the incredible journey of faith that it is taking us on, right to the Throne of Grace and we are indeed finding help in our time of need. God is so very faithful to His children!!! I love Him so!!

Well, there are BIG changes coming soon to a blog near you (this one)!!! So please be looking for much more regular blog posts and lots of other things!! I just want to take this opportunity to thank you who have stayed with me through this season and who have prayed or just read, left comments and thought about us. You are truly a blessing to my life and I don't take a single moment of your time here for granted. You are truly a blessing to me!!

Have a Beautiful Wonderful Love-Filled Day,


  1. First of all - how cool of a world we live in that we have can "Webinars"!!!!! That just blows my mind! so cool!

    But I am excited for you that God had a message right for you & what you needed... & I cant wait to see where that message leads you!

    I know you have a passion for Him so it'll be neat to watch you "get started"

    Keep seeking & learning friend - you're heart just blows me away!
    Love you!

  2. I love how God speaks through so many different venues.

    Love you sister!

  3. oh friend! I am so excited to see what the Lord has for you. Thank you for your sharing and inspiration. I just this morning was talking to God about what He would have for me - what His mission is for me (and me alone). I have been getting so caught up in what He has for the people in my life that I am forgetting to connect myself with the Lord first. I think He has some very specific things He wants me to do but I have allowed myself to get distracted. LOVE all that you said in your post. I so needed to hear it myself! Hugs, Hope

  4. Dawn,

    How insightful was this webinar? Sounds like some pretty amazing stuff for you! I know I would love to have attended this but like you are waiting on the MP3 download so I can keep it on my Ipod close to my heart.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. I am so gladGod used the webinar to encourage you. May you see His blessings and continue to rest in His Joy.

  6. Oh Dawn, I am so happy that you received such a powerful message from our Father. I am waiting to see the changes here on your blog.