Monday, March 15, 2010

A Week of First...

Some good firsts and some, well not so good firsts, but firsts none-the-less.

First of all, I have signed up for an online webinar. Have y'all ever done this? I am looking forward to it, although I really won't be able to participate as much as I'd like, but I am going to try to get in as much of it as I can. Today it will not be a lot, but hopefully more tomorrow and probably will be able to take in most of the day on Wednesday. If you'd like to know more about it you can visit Lisa's webiste right here. She is one of the speakers and just a lovely lady. You REALLY need to check her out!!

So Thursday is another first for me, I will be having my first colonoscopy. I know I am too young for such, but the doc feels with my symptoms that I need to rule out any problems, or head off any potential problems at the pass. So that is why I'll be home Wednesday, yep doing the prep. Which I hear is the hardest part. Tell me that's the hardest part. I'm trying not to freak out about this whole thing. I've almost called it off several times, but I suppose I will be moving forward with it. Trying to have a sunny outlook on a not-so-sunny procedure.

Also on Thursday another first for Dak. His HS basketball team is going to state (not a first), but Dak is riding up on the pep bus to Columbia (about 3 hours away) and joining in on the fun and festivities. WOW now that seems like such a long way from home, but I know that one day he'll be heading away from home for real and even 20 minutes will seem like a world away at that time. He is so pumped though, to go on Thursday. We are ordering our Final-Four shirts today. GO CLEVER BLUEJAYS!!!

I plan on posting more regularly again, now that I am getting a rhythm back to my life. At least a little. God has some posts rolling around in this heart of mine, so I'll be sharing more on that.

Oh yeah, and I tried to post Dak's video from Saturday where they are singing in warm-ups so you can hear him, but silly blogger errored, so I will try again later.

Love y'all ~~ have a Blessed day


  1. Oh! Going to Columbia for state is so much fun. He will have a blast. He's lucky his school is doing a pep bus... not many do that anymore.

    I grew up in Marshfield, we spent almost every spring in Columbia. He'll have a lot of fun!

  2. Hi Dawn,
    Yes,the prep is really the hardest part. They will give you some mighty fine drugs and you won't remember a thing. At my hospital here when I woke up they had toast and coffee there for me. I hope everything turns out just fine for you. I'll be saying a prayer.