Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And then there were goats, chickens, horses, cows....and a prom oh my!!!

Well for a few days now we have been helping our dear friend G at her parents house.
They have been adding a porch and that is right up Dick's alley...
and apparently Sir Cuteness's alley as well.

Oh yes, he has been very busy taking in the farm life.
This child LOVES the farm.
Now he doesn't live on a farm or even near a farm,
but now that he's had a taste of farm life,
we may have a farmer...
or at least a builder on our hands!!
Here he is with G checking out the goats.....

and the horses,
and oh how this child loves to chase the chickens.
Yes, you heard that right.
Apparently that is what farm children do.
They chase chickens.
Clearly I lived in the city far too long.
I didn't realize this was a rite of passage for an itty-bitty.

I think their trying to make a country girl out of me =)

It has been such a fun few days playing at the farm.
And this afternoon when PaPa gets off of work we will be headed to Sir Cuteness's house
to work on their first year garden.
I'm so excited for them!!!
I do love me a garden!!


Well, it is upon us. This weekend is prom, and Dak is getting all ready for it.

Sunday after church we bought his outfit.
Now in keeping with the surprise factor, I will wait until Saturday to let you see,
but can I just say that this child has lovely taste.

He looks so daper and cute in his prom attire.

I asked him where they were going to eat before prom because apparently they don't feed them dinner anymore at prom.
What is up with that?
At our prom, we had a banquet.
Yes I know many moons ago, but still. Can't they feed 'em?

Well they are having appetizers.
But that's not real food!!!
But that is what they chose.
Dak said they wanted some kind of real food.
They had the choice of dessert or appetizers and they chose some form of real food.
That's probably a good choice. Especially since some of them won't get to eat out before the Prom.

So I asked Dak where he and Tailor (his date for Prom) are going and he said Panera Bread.
I said "Really?"
He said, "Yep it's not messy."
So cute!!!
Now they may still choose Mr. Yen's, but Panera Bread has made the final list...
How great is that?!!

Oh yeah, so here is Dak.....

So today he is going to get his hair cut for Prom.
He is excited!!! He has a cute style picked out.
Dak is very stylish!!

He's going to look FANTASTIC!!!!!

So I hope you all are having a good day ~~
And thanks for stopping by for just a little look into what we're doing right now ~~

Love you ~~


  1. I cant wait to see the pictures of Dak!!! Love prom time!!!

    And they used to serve food at prom? I learned something today!

  2. I am sure he is going to look fabulous in all his finery. He does in everyday clothing so imagine what fancy duds will do for him.

  3. aw..looks like fun on the farm!! kennedy loves all the animals on her grammy's farm i know he did as well! cute pics!
    i can't wait to see dak's prom pics! he's gonna look so cute! he does have some!

    hope you're doing well!?
    i've been reading...just super hard to keep it all up with my hubby being gone! on the count down though...2 more weeks!

    have a great week!