Friday, April 30, 2010

Random Friday complete with a funny story and pics!!!

So this morning I decided I'd take my camera card out of my cellphone and post a few pics of life in our corner of the world.
So first we have Sir Cuteness in all his spring wonderfulness.
Here he is with the flowers that we bought for great-grandma (my mom) for her little
garden bed.
He was so funny.
He wanted to hold them.
How sweet is this?
I mean seriously...

And then there's this one.
Dak wanted to be the first picture I took with my new phone,
so here he is.
Yes that is an orange...
and yes it is in his mouth....
and yes that is the first pic on my new phone...
This child cracks me up!!! =)
And then this lil darling kicking it oatmeal style.
This little guy just brightens it all up!!!

Oh yeah, and cheeses it all up,
even with an oatmeal face =)

And then this one was taken this morning.
Yep Dak just before his tennis tournament today.
Look how cute and tired he is today,
but my mom skills are showing again,
he's armed with Powerade and donuts, the little powered variety.
Yep rock on with your bad self mama!!!
I know the breakfast of champs =)

So on Tuesday Dak had a meet about an hour from here with a private school that we didn't know anything about.
He called me after the match and I asked how it went to which he replied:
"We got schooled mom!! OH it was bad!!!"
But he was laughing and having a good time with it.
We are a first year team and this is a seasoned team who plays all year round.
He said they would serve the ball, jump serve style (crazy good for High School), and he said by the time he swung the ball had already bounced and was unreachable to put back.
He said that by the end of the doubles match, the other team was just pretty much lobbing it over. He said it was...
So Dak went over to coach said:
"Coach, why are we even playing this team?"
Coach: "I want you to know all sides of tennis."
Dak: "Coach, this is just embarrassing!!."
Coach: shrug
Dak: too funny !!! He wasn't upset at all!!
He said they definitely got schooled though, on how to play tennis on a much bigger scale.
Well, I have a challenge for you for the month of May.
Which starts tomorrow, by the way, isn't that...
Go ahead and click on my Health and Wellness label and check that out.
Have a Blessed and Beautiful Weekend,


  1. My sweet friend, I'm doing a bit of visiting today and had to see you. Love your post and photos. Can't believe how much little guy is growing!!!

    I love you and I'm praying for you and your family. Thank you for your prayers for me.

  2. I always come away from your blog with a little bounce in my step! You just have a way of cheering me up girl.

    Love all the pics. The orange in the mouth is a good look for dak - ha!