Friday, April 2, 2010

Carry my cross....

There is a song, yes by Third Day, and yes, yet again not one of the most played, but one of the most powerful!!! I love this song and wanted to share it with you today.

When I think about the significance of this day, my heart is so full...and so broken. It hits me afresh and anew the brokenness of my life and just what my sin cost my Savior. It is a hard reality........a broken world.........a fallen, broken world.......and yet He came. He didn't have to come....He didn't have to carry the cross......He didn't have to be nailed there.......He didn't have to take the beatings....the insults.....the pain..... And yet, He did. He wanted to for us. His heart was for us, not for Himself. That is.........

True Love.

Drink in the reality of this day. Let it settle in on you. Let it penetrate your heart today. Let it change you.....

I praise You Jesus!!! Thank you for the ultimate gift of life that You gave me through the cross. I love You Jesus....Amen

In Christ Alone,


  1. It is so overwhelming when I stop and think about the sacrifice. I mean I would give my life for my son's but for the whole entire world for all time? What a gift we were given.

  2. I'm WAY behind in the blog world. Just caught up on your last several posts. I was kinda surprised at you losing muscle??? Did he have you up your protein amount?? By looking at your photos, you are looking good!

    The times you have with Dak really remind me of me and my boys. I loved those moments. And Tyler was my expressive dresser. He wore Chuck Taylors with a tux to prom. Ha!

    Hang in there, friend, and keep on keepin' on!! Have a Happy Easter.