Thursday, April 1, 2010

That time of year.....YAY!!!

Yes dear ones, it is that time of year again ~~ garden season!!!

I LOVE our garden. I am a garden girl. It does my heart so good to know that we are growing some of our own food. We know where it comes from and I am an organic gardner. I don't use ANY pesticides. I control pests the all natural way, and have found there are MANY options in doing so.

This year we decided to expand. Oh goody!!! Can I just say right here and now that I have THE BEST HUSBAND EVER!! He has to put up with a lot of issues being married to me, but he happily does so. He takes such GREAT care of me!! Last fall he started talking about putting in another garden bed, I was so happy. And now that is a reality.

Here he is looking at his handiwork. We were short two timbers, so we left just shortly after this pic was taken to go get those, and he got that taken care of that evening. Beautiful!!

And here he is working on it. I must say, I am very little help in this part. I am not mechanical at.all. Nope. But I married a man who gives a whole new meaning to being mechanical. I am so completely impressed with my man. He is remarkable!!
Here is the garden bed we put in two seasons ago (this is our third season for this bed). As you can see we have lettuce and radishes planted and also garlic and sage and chives are coming up from last year. YAY I love that!!! Less plant buying!!

This week I have just about got everything planted. I still need to get our cucumbers in the ground, and something is eating our tender tomato plants (silly rabbits!!), so I need to replace three or four of those, but our garden is well under way!!!
I love having a garden. It is so healthy to eat right from your own yard and it just feels great on the inside to know that you grew what you just placed on the table for your family to eat. That is a great feeling!!!
As I looked at our garden yesterday, it just hit me afresh and anew how remarkable growing a garden really is. You plant the seed or plant in the ground and then in just a few short weeks you have produce. God is so amazing!!! He keeps me in awe of Him!! Praise You Father!!!!!
Happy Gardening,


  1. Dawn,

    Love all that land you have to do so much with. Have you thought about planting some fruit trees like apples, oranges or limes or perhaps lemons?

    How do you get rid of those nasty tomato worms? You know the big, fat, green ones with a horn on it's head, better know as a horn worm? Love to get some tips!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. I wish I could garden... I did it one year, but I'm allergic to grass so every time I would get out & weed, I'd end up in hives & itching for HOURS...

    I always love the freshness of veggies though out of the garden! Cant wait to see all your glorious blooms & yumminess you get!!!