Friday, April 23, 2010

A Day in the Life...

of Dak....
He is one busy kid!!
Yesterday afternoon he had his first and only home tennis match of the season.
We only have 2 courts, so it is hard to host a lot of matches.
It is best if you have several courts, so several matches can go on at once,
but yesterday we did get to have one at home.
Hoping for more of these next year, it was GREAT!!!
There's nothing like the home crowd to get you pumped!!
Dak and John won their first doubles match of the season.
It was a GREAT game!!
Dak lost his singles match, but it went into a tie breaker.
It was such a good game.
He did soooooo good, but he was soooooooooooooooooooo disapointed that he didn't win.
Here he is in his doubles match. I LOVE this pic.
Look how happy he is.
He LOVES tennis!!!
At the net, ready to go.
He made some GREAT plays at the net.
I was so happy for him and John.
They had an amazing match!!!

My mom went with me to the game. It was fantastic. It was the first match she's got to see him play. She loved it and did really good for sitting so long.
I didn't get a single pic of Dak and Grandma at the match.
Oh brother!!
So after the match, I ran Dak home and then ran my mom home and then had to get back home and change and eat a bite and get back to school for Dak's Spring Choir Concert, and all in about an hour. WOW it was a quick turn-a-around!!
So here is Dak and I before the concert.
Look how cute he is!!
I love these pics like these.
Before every concert, we have pics before we go.
He came in last night while I was fixing my hair (if you can call it that =)
and said, "Come on mom. We have to take pictures."
I love it that my boy still wants to take pics with me.
He is such a sweetie.
Here we are up close.....
No that is not a rats nest on the back of my head,
yep it's my hair.
Let's not talk about it.
Look at this handsome cutie pie.....

Oh yes, and my normal, arms-out-to-the-side, pic.
I have a lot of them.
It's my thang!!!

Here is our choir, High School and Chamber Choirs combined.
Dak is in Chamber Choir, but sings in both at competitions.

Here is Dak and Sammi.
I feel like Sammi is part of the family.
These two have laughed and sang together and sang and laughed for years.
Sammi graduates this year, and she is so sad.
She came up and hugged me so tight last night.
She is a beautiful girl, with a beautiful voice!!!
I know Dak is going to really miss her next year.....

Oh yes and Sammi has ..........

an incredible personality
and .........

an infectious laugh!!!

Love you girl!!

So that was our week yesterday.
To say we are in a busy season would be a HUGE understatement!!
But I'm loving the end-of-year events and there are many more to come....
so stay tuned.....
Have a Blessed day,


  1. Yipee! Your mom didnt have to sit looking through a peep hole at the game.. you actually had seats!!! And a clear view!! haha!!!

    Hey - Tyra Banks says everyone needs a signature pose - you have yours girlfriend! WORK IT! :)

    Love all the pics of you & your young man! You just beam - such a proud mama!!!

    (& am totally going to take what you said & remember that in the rain tomorrow - only you my friend, with that positive outlook! Why I just love ya!)

  2. Dawn,

    WOW I can't believe just how active Dak is in so many things. First Cross Country, now Tennis and Choir, are we missing anything else?

    He really is a super trooper All star kind of guy who still has a sweet spot for his mom. Aren't you the luckiest ever!

    Stop by when you can, I miss seeing you. By the way, I love your new layout. LOVING IT!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. He is a cutey. Very ambitious.
    You're lucky to have each other.

  4. I love all the pictures. Your son is very cute! You look too young to be his mama!!!

  5. I love the new blog design!!! Faith is so talented!

    Dak is growing up right before our eyes. I know that brings mixed emotions. Enjoy the journey... it's pretty awesome.

    The mushrooms haven't been very good here this year. It's been a strange Spring. I LOVE fried mushrooms!!!!!!!

    Thanks for checking in on me the other day. Very thoughtful, Dawn.