Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Orange Juice Moment...

I just love this kid!!! This one right........


Yep he's the one!!! We had a moment this morning, well, I had a moment this morning. He probably didn't give it a second thought, as is the case with teenagers most of the time.

He had tennis pics this morning and had to be at school at 7:00 AM, yes that does say AM. Now what are they thinking? Teens and 7 AM usually not even in the same sentence =)


So he got up and came out to the garage when I was pumping me some iron lifing weights, and told me to come and get him when it was time to leave, he'd be in the recliner. So when 6:45 rolled around, I went in and there he was laid back and covered up in our favorite blanket. I just wanted to drink that moment in. (That's where it started this morning).

Then we got to school and I asked him if he had enough money in his lunch account for breakfast too, (since he hadn't had breakfast and his mother is a slacker and thinks about these things pulling into the parking lot at school...) and he said no. So I told him I'd go get him breakfast at Casey's (I know check out those mothering skills. Convience Nutrition first!! =), and he said sure. So I went and got him a slice of breakfast pizza, a big ole muffin and some orange juice.

When I pulled into the parking lot he saw me from the tennis courts and came jogging across toward me. As he reaches me he says, "FOOD" as only he can say it!! (He says it often =) and then he sees the orange juice. "OH Orange Juice!! Thanks mom!!!" And he flashes me those beautiful green eyes. (This child has the most beautiful and telling green eyes), and with that gives a little something something (fist bump I think) and trots off toward the tennis courts with orange juice and breakfast in hand, and for a moment as I watched him jog across, I got sad. You see Dak is a Junior, and the end of his Junior year is FAST approaching. His Senior year is upon us!! How has this happened?

As I left the parking lot misty eyed, a memory flashed before me. It was his first day of Kindergarten, and there he is standing in front of a tree with his backpack on and his lunch box in hand all smiles. I cried that day too. It seems like only yesterday, seriously like only yesterday, which yesterday was Wednesday, and that is how fresh it seems to me, and yet there he was my green-eyed babe, jogging across the field happy to have an orange juice. It was a moment. A real moment for me. I love him so!!! It is so often the simple things that make them smile.

So take time to enjoy the simple moments with the ones who mean the most to you. Slow down and drink them in like a tall glass of sweet tea on a hot day. Drink in their smile, their aroma, their uniqueness. Love them well.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful day,

PS Fun things are a comin' and yes I still have a mushroom hunting post to do....soon (I hope ~~ I am such a slacker!!!) Love you ~~


  1. goes so fast, doesnt it! I can remember Ricky's girls STARTING school & now they're married with kids, graduated college & the baby is finishing college & is engaged... life just whizzes by...

    Cherish every bit of those moments - even delivering orange juice! Those are the memories you'll smile about way down the road...

    (& I know you WERE totally pumping iron!)

    Love ya girl!!!

  2. Yeah you're right the time does go by fast. It seems like only yesterday I was planning my son's graduation party and here it has already been 8 years. I can't believe he is all grown up.
    My son used to take dinner leftovers on the bus with him for his breakfast. He survived.