Monday, April 12, 2010

PaPa Prayer...

Have y'all ever heard of this book "The Papa Prayer"? I am reading it and it is so good. I wanted to share something I read:

"Intercession that does not flow out of knowing God ourselves, worshiping Him for who He is, and humbly thanking Him for whatever He provides will be indelibly stained with self-centeredness."

WOW and ouch did that ever resonate with me!! I have been thinking for some time that my prayer life wasn't what it should be. I had been realizing how much I ask God for things, but don't spend quality time with God, just listening and getting to know God more. Do you know what I mean? I mean how many times has my prayers focused on God this one needs this, or please help that one over there, or God I need this.....and I didn't stop and just let God be God in my life and let Him just flow through me, and out of the overflow provide just what is needed? But instead I feel like I am exhausting to God (not that God gets exhausted, because He doesn't) but I exhaust all the time. So this is part of the area that He is changing in me. I shared with you a couple of weeks ago after the Woman Inspired conference that God was doing a work. Yep He still His, Praise His Name and I am changing. I want to be all that God created me to be, but I can't be that girl if my life is constantly about me, even in, especially in my prayer life. Ya know?

The book goes on to say:

"But when relational prayer yields worship and worship produces gratitude and gratitude leads us to intercede for others to know God as we've come to know Him, then we intercede "in the Spirit" with other-centered love. And that process sets the stage for prayers of petition to flow out of a surrendered heart."

And that is what I want. I want my prayers of petition to flow out of my heart surrendered COMPLETLY to God.

Thank you PaPa for changing me from the inside out. Thank you for not allowing me to stay the same old girl day in and day out. Thank you for challenging me and please continue to do that. I want to know you more and more every single day. I love you Lord ~~ Praise Your Name, Amen.


This weekend was such a fun one, and my intent today was to do a big ole picture ladened post about our weekend, but God had other ideas and I'm so glad He did!!!

But I will leave you with just a couple of pics and then maybe tomorrow I'll get the full post in, complete with pics ~~ lots and lots of 'em =)

Dick took off on Friday ~~ YAY!! ~~ and we went mushroom hunting. Not much luck on Friday, but then on Saturday we went to another place and WOO-HOO we found mushrooms!!!

So here is Sir Cuteness and I with one of the mushrooms he found. How cute is he?!! Eyes fixated on mushroom and all ~~ I mean seriously .....

And then here is Dick and Sir Cuteness.....Oh how I LOVE this picture!!! I'll explain more about where we were in my full post. But just wanted to show you these cuties!!!!! Oh be still my heart!!!!! Oh how I love these two!!!!!

Hope you all are having a beautiful day ~~ love you,

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  1. Dawn,

    I love how God is completely teaching you about a new way to pray and in the process you are undergoing some significant changes. Praise God!

    I can't wait to see just what else you are all up to this weekend and the cave like picture does capture my curiosity.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat