Friday, May 7, 2010

A little randomness and a Prayer Request

Well it is Friday ~~ YAY!!! And it's Mother's Day weekend!! I LOVE to honor my mom. As I have gotten older my mom has just gotten more precious to me. And since she doesn't have a computer and doesn't read my blog, I can tell you that I found a Grandma card yesterday for Dak to give his Grandma and it is voice recordable. How cute is that?!! So he's going to give her a little something, something in the way of a message =) and it also has a place for a picture. Oh this is one sweet card. So cute!!

Dak had a friend over last night to make Red Lobster Cheese Biscuits. I just think that is the sweetest thing. To listen to them talking and laughing and then while the biscuits cook jumping on the trampoline and then I'd have to holler out the (opened ~~ I heart Spring =) window and tell them when the timer went off. They'd come running in and check them, reset the timer and run out to start the whole process over again. It was soooooooooooo enjoyable for this mama =) Thanks Jaimie, A.K.A. Princess, for hanging out with us. You my dear, are a doll!!!

In other Dak related news ~~ Seniors graduate on Monday, so that will make Dak a Senior on Tuesday (unoffically). Wow just typing that makes my heart go pitter-patter!!! Boy that happened quick!! I mean seriously I remember when he was Sir Cuteness's age like yesterday. I love you son!!!!!

I have a praise and two prayer requests. First the praise. My mom had a mammogram last month (she hadn't had one since '91 or '92 ~~ MOM!!!) and it showed a spot on her right breast. They had us very concerned about it, and her Oncologist even told us what the protocol would be if it was this certain type of cancer, all the way down to the surgery they would perform and the radiation they would give her. Like I said, they had us really concerned. So Tuesday we went in for the diagnostic, and everything was fine. They said it was all normal breast tissue. Nothing even to be concerned about. She goes back in a year for just a regular mammogram. That is GREAT news!!! Praise You Jesus!! Thank You for Your provision!!!

Prayer Requests: My father-in-law is not doing well. If you remember back in September he had a heart attack and had a stint put in. Well he hasn't been feeling well, so he went to his regular physician and they did an EKG and it showed something. So they called his cardiologist and they want him to come in for a Nuclear Stress Test. Please pray that this will all clear up for him. He DOES NOT want to have any more test. He is anti-test!!! It just gets so tiring. He has said that if he'd known how much the stints would cost, he'd have told them just to let him go on home. That's just the kind of man he is. He is one of a kind and very precious to us. Please pray for my FIL Wes. He is just the best!!!

Prayer Requests #2: My cousin's husband Cliff, who you may remember from last year. I posted about him and Heather a lot as they adopted their now 14 year old son from China. They are the best people you will ever met. I love them so!! Well, Cliff will be touching down in Afghanistan in about 40 minutes or so. He is on a Missions trip with another gentleman who does Mission work in that region. They are providing mobile gardens for the farmers in remote areas over there. Mobile gardens are 12 bags of seed that are put in a ziplock baggie and given to the farmers. They have very limited access to seeds over there, so this program provides homegrown food for families in these remote areas. I am so excited to see how God will move in Cliff's heart and the hearts of all the people he will be in contact with.

So please be in prayer for him over the next two weeks as he will be extensively traveling in Afghanistan. It is a dangerous area. He flies into Kabul today. Please pray for his safety and his servants heart to touch the people for Christ in that area. He and Heather (my cous) are remakable people with such a heart for the things of God. And they are raising remarkable kiddo's. Devin who is 13 will be going to Haiti on a Missions trip in July. He is very excited about this. C and H are raising kids who love the Lord and are willing to step out for Him. It is a beautiful thing!!!

Well, everyone have a lovely Mother's Day weekend. And check back after while. I may have a little something-something for you to see .....

hmmmm...... intriguing!!

Oh yeah also I will be trying to get my Spring yard and Garden pics taken this weekend. I'd love for you to tour our Spring Garden home =)

Love you ~~ Big Hugs ~~


  1. I complained about a 2 hour flight to Texas? And he's going to Afganistan? WOW!! Persepctive right there!

    YIPEE for your Mom... I'm still thrilled about that! And praying for your FIL...

    Dak - a Senior - can you believe it? It'll be one busy, fun year for him!

    Hope YOU have a wonderful Mother's Day friend!!!! You are such an amazing Woman of God - the kind of mom that God just has to smile about! :)

  2. Isn;t is amazing how fast that time between kindergarten and being a senior goes? Way too fast if you ask me.
    I am glad your mom is alright, but it's a shame the doctors had to get everyone all upset first.
    I will add your FIL and your cousin's husband to my prayer list.
    I can't even imagine a garden. I had been working on making a new one,but then my arm started to bother me and the doctor said to not do it. Plus today we have had an inch of snow. I like the idea of a Spring garden happening somewhere.
    Have a happy Mother's Day.

  3. I know you really mean it when you say how fast Dak grew up... I've been where you are. He's had an amazing Junior year... he'll make even more memories his Senior year.

    What great news about your Mom!! And I'll be praying for your FIL and Cliff. Afghanistan would be pretty scary!

  4. Hi Sweetie,

    Praying the move of GOD's Spirit in every prayer need you listed and for His glory. May comfort, healing and peace be found in every need.

    Came by to wish you a beautiful Mother's Day my friend. Love you and praying for your family.