Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day ~~ Part 2

Dak and I went to a fun restaurant after church yesterday for Mother's Day.
We started out going to Zio's but it was going to be a 45 min wait,
and Dak was "REALLY HUNGRY MOM!!!"
So we set out to find another place to eat,
and landed here....
Old Chicago
Neither one of us had ever been, so that was fun in itself.
So here's Dak...
Doesn't he look "Old Chicago" in his hat?

And me just looking Old... =)

Oh yeah, here's the "Old Chicago" in me.

Okay Dak really?
What's with the mean "Chicago" face?
I guess he was really playin' the part =)

I just LOVE his smile in this one ~~
Isn't this pic funny?!!
Cracks me up!!!!!
Do you think he knew he'd be in a blowed up pic on the wall of "Old Chicago" for all the world to see when it was taken? don't think so =)
And then there was this bike in a nook on the wall with the neon bike inside....

Me under the light ~~ Dak thought this was a cool pic...

Dak under the light.....

I like this pic ~~ What a cutie boy I have .....
He is such a sweetie too...

And have I mentioned the food?
Well, I should have!!!
It was delish!!
And I forgot to take a pic of our entree's.
I had a Vegetarian Stomboli, hold the cheese please =)
with cut up veggies on the side and honey mustard dipping sauce
De-Yum-Yumm ~~ so good!!
And Dak had the Meat Calzone.
Wow could we eat any different?!! =)
And then for dessert ~~ because ya know, it was Mom's Day and ya gotta have dessert right? =)
Dak chose this lovely...
Turtle Cheese Cake.....
With two forks please....

And yes it was as good as it looks!!!
Oh my stars~~~
I had just like two or three bites and then Dak finished her off.
Here I am already so full from the Stomboli.....
(Look how Ginourmous this Cheesecake was ~~ YOUZERS!!)

But a girl does what she can ~~ hahahaha ~~
We had such a nice day.
Thanks for joining us through pics =)
Have a Super Blessed day,


  1. What a nice day you had.
    I don't think I could give up meat. I mean really I don't, however, I do love my veggies.
    And dessert is a must even if it has to be taken home. That cheesecake looks divine.

  2. Precious, precious times with your sweet boy. Savor every moment.

    That cheesecake looks INCREDIBLE!! I shared a chocolate chimichanga with my Mom on Saturday. Yum!

  3. You make me smile! What a sweet son you have.
    And YOUR HAIR is so cute, cute, cute!
    Glad you had a cool Mama's Day!