Monday, May 10, 2010


Okay so with a title like that.....
Let me introduce you to Ms. Ginormous Bread.....
She came from Indiana via my neighbor.
They said they had a surprise for me.
Boy did they ever.
She ordered 6 loaves and the lady said "do you want help to your car?"
Neighbor L: "No thanks."
And then she came out with the bread...

Dak hanging out with said bread.....
Dak getting ready to smooch on Ms. G....
Yep it is that good =)

Me and Sir Cuteness trying to hold Ms. G. after we cut it ~~ WOW!!!

Okay, so I LOVE this pic.
Look at Sir Cuteness chewing on his beef stick.
It's so cute!!!

So here is my question.....
What to do with this much bread?!! ~~
My idea is to, of couse, use some with pasta etc....
but also I was thinking about making croutons and freezing them.
What do y'all think?
Any ideas to get the most out of our Ms. Ginormous?
Thanks, and I'll let you know if I use your ideas and how they turn out!!!
Love and hugs ~~
Oh Yeah and Happy Healthy Eating,



    I have never seen bread that big in my LIFE!

    To me - that is heaven... give me some honey & butter & I'll put on 15 lbs eating the WHOLE thing... yummmm!!!

    Question - was it SUPPOSED to be that big? Or was that a fluke?

  2. Bread pudding come to my mind. Or stuffing for a turkey or chicken or game hen.
    I have never seen a loaf that big. I thought my loaves were big, but I waswrong.