Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Turn the page...

Do you ever just feel like the times they are a changin'? I feel that way right about now.

I feel as if we are turning the page and getting ready to start a new, sweet chapter in our lives. On Friday at 10:16 AM Dak will officially be a Senior. I am so proud of him I can hardly stand it!!! And yet at the same time I remember the little boy who longed to be able to build a snowman and it just wouldn't snow enough, so when it snowed even a little, we made this cute little snowman. It was so funny!!

I remember the little boy who got in trouble in kindergarten for kissing a girl, in which I told him to "leave your lips to yourself" =) There have been so many funny memories and a few sad and frustrating ones, but that is life in the public school system; joyful, funny, sad and frustrating -- oh wait a minute, that's just life.


Tomorrow Dak will have finals all day and then it's gravy train the rest of the week and then on Friday he officially will begin his Senior year. To commemorate his Senior year I have ordered a very special journal to record his Senior year from his mother's perspective. I am looking forward to having a place to record this journey. I am so proud of him have I mentioned that?!!! =)

Here a just a few pics of my boy....my sweet, incredible Dak.....

Him and Sir Cuteness ~~ have you ever? ~~ I mean seriously, grab a spoon =)

Look how cute and sweet this boy is.....I love his personality....and his style.....

And his humor!!! "Watch out mom, you know I'll do it!!" Oh yes, he so would too, oh wait, he so did!!...
I love him so....

So Dak as we close the chapter on your Junior year and dive in head first into your Senior year, know that I love you deeply, sincerely and always. I am so Blessed to be your mama. I look forward to every beautiful moment of your Senior year and to see all that God has for you....you are light and joy child....and a very beautiful delight!!!
I love you ~~ mom
Oh and yes, I'll be hanging onto my hat as we go through the whirlwind of your Senior Year ~~ yep hanging on tight!!! =)


  1. I love how you love your son! :)

    What a wonderful idea to journal through Senior Year... it holds so many memories & its such an exciting time... & all of this is happening to your BABY!!!! I know - it flies...

  2. Dak reminds me a lot of Tyler and Tyler's personality. They love to have fun!!

    Enjoy EVERY moment. Those teen years are some sweet years!

  3. how exciting...a senior!!! what a fun year he has ahead of him! tell him to savior every momment bc it will go by sooooo fast!
    he's so cute!
    have a blessed week!

  4. Dawn,

    I love that idea of the Senior Year Journal. I think that maybe a marketing idea that you should grab onto. I can totally see moms all over picking this up and journaling that final year and what a present to read on graduation day.

    Since Caitlyn is joining Dak in another week, I will be starting one too!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat