Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How our garden grows...

Okay so I officially don't understand blogger and the whole picture thing.

When I first started blogging, the first pic I put up was the first pic that appeared, if I was only posting 5 pics. And then it went backwards, first pic last. Now it is the side-by-side action. So the captions could be a little tricky, but here I go....diving right in =)

I've wanted to get pics up of our garden for a while, but just have been busy and not done it yet. This year's garden(s) are an interesting mix of some old fav's and new tries. We added a garden this year, so we have two raised beds, side-by-side. It is a beautiful thing!!!

So this year we bought panels, because I was done with trying to indiviually stake each tomato plant. Done I tell ya!! It was a job and the tomato plants ALWAYS fell over anyway, so this year we have nice sturdy panels. I'll let ya know how that works out for us, so far pretty good.

So welcome our new bed. It has struggled a little this season, poor thing. The compost was REALLY new that we put in and has not completely broken down yet. So it should get better as the season progresses. It is already better than it was when we first planted.

These are tomato plants, lovely, beautiful, salsa making tomato plants.

And then on the right side (boy this blogger pic thing is messin' with my mojo...) anyway...
That is our more established bed. This is the third year for this bed. Isn't she lovely too? The big mac daddy plant to the right is our sage. I know! And the big onion looking things sprouting it's lovely head above the others is our garlic. I know!!! Big mama too =) and that is chive right next to Mac Daddy Sage.

And this is our sunflowers. Our lovely volunteer, bird deposited, sunflowers. I did NOT plant these babies this year. They are from the birds or from last years crop. Either way, they are lovely ~~ and BIG!!!
This is the long view. The big plants you see staring at ya right....there.... is cauliflower, but they are not there anymore. Nope now onions are growing in their place. Yummee!!!

Okay so to the left here is a view from the back. That is green beans right....there....
And below you are looking at our Swiss Chard. I heart Swiss Chard. If you have never tried it, oh you should. I shall have to put up a recipe to use this lovely. Oh it is so good for you and great tasting too. Yep I do love me some Swiss Chard!!!

Here is our lovely, gorgeous, delectable, Dak lovin' Caesar Salad, Romaine lettuce. I decided to give it a go, thinking it would be hard to grow, but not at all. Just put it in and watch her grow. And boy is it yummy!!!

Now to our problem children, the peppers. I am not sure what there problem is, but they have one, or two, or twelve. Look at these spindley little things. Oh poor babies. I am trying babies, mama's trying. So we will see. Hopefully they will come out of it. We do love us some peppers!!! It may be that the breaking down of the compost is messing with their Mojo. hmmmm... Okay, so now blogger just put my picture down here. Oh brother..... I'm confused.... anyway.....

And here are our lovely weeds. Just keeping it real. There are onions in and amongst the weeds, so I don't want to pull the weeds yet, because I don't want to pull the onions up with them. Hey isn't there a parable about that....just sayin' ....

Ummm yes that is my shadow. Hi me.....

And here is my gorgeous boy all decked out for his first Rave Party. It is a dance party at a friends house complete with parents and a DJ. Fun times. How cute is this child?!! I mean seriously!!

Yep that's my boy.....
I love him so!!!

Well hello there green eyes!!! Yep he is fashion forward. He looked so cute!!

Okay and then there's this little guy. Who says headbands are not multi-purpose Jordy glasses.
Hahahaha ~~ love you Sir Cuteness ~~ you are a doll baby!!!!!

Okay so there you have it. I have NO idea how this will actually post. Hopefully the way I've typed it.
Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day,


  1. I think Sir Cuteness is ready to rave himself!!!!

    Look at DAK - he's so adorable! He probably doesnt want that word - so tell him I said he's FETCH! (Is that a good teen word for adorable?)... haha!!!

    OH MY - that garden is growing!!! MMM - some fresh romaine lettuce sounds lovely!! All kinds of goodies going there!

    And HI YOU! (with your shadow)

  2. I'm a little jelous of your garden! Maybe some year mine will be like that!

  3. Don't you just luv raising your on veggies? We have a little bitty tinnie weenie one and I am having the most fun!!!

    I bet Dak has to fight the girls off constantly, he is sooo cute and Sir Cuteness, what a cutie potootie!!!!

  4. Your blog (and your garden) is just looking so cute Dawn! I love it!

  5. Hi there, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!! :) made my day!

  6. Dawn,

    Just love all your veggies! WOW I can only imagine all the fresh salad you can mix up daily!

    Dak and Sir Cuteness I mean seriously can you ever get enough? Cait's at her first job today. Says she loves it!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat