Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Grilled Herb Potatoes with Sage Butter

So grilling season is here and this is really the first year that I have been a griller. And I'm loving it!!!!!

We have a propane grill that we got from G a few years back. She gave it to us because it needed an igniter and a burner and she was getting a new one, and since I didn't have one, I told her to bring it on and I'd try it. Well three years later and I haven't done anything to it but supply propane and food. It works wonderfully. Yes I can't use the igniter (because it doesn't work) and yes one side of the grill doesn't get as hot, but all those things mean is the girl has character. Yep, she's a keeper.

So for some reason grilling this year has really appealed to me. So I've been getting out there and grilling to my hearts content. I grill burgers and hotdogs, potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, onions and peppers, you name it and I throw it on there. I even grilled pineapple one day and I am in serious yummy love with pineapple on the grill. That will be a recipe (word used very loosely here =) I'll bless you with soon too. It is so good.

So on with these delicious babies...

Grilled Herb Potatoes with Sage Butter

Potatoes - I use about 7 -8 medium new potatoes
1 meduim onion
Rosemary - about 3-4 sprigs off the stem
4-5 leaves of basil
1 large Sage leaf
garlic salt and pepper to taste

Start grill and if using a propane grill set it to medium heat and let it warm up.

Wash and scrub potatoes. Cut in thin rounds like you are frying potatoes. Spray a foil pack with Pam and add potatoes. Cut onion in to thin strips (like fajita onions) and toss with potatoes. Spray this mixture with Pam, or you can add some olive oil at this point if you'd like. Add garlic salt and pepper. Add Rosemary and Basil and toss. Just before you roll foil down tight, add Sage leaf to the top of this mixture and close.

Put the foil pack on the grill. I put it on the side but on direct heat to start, while I get other items ready. Like if I'm grilling burgers with it, I will get them ready while the potatoes. When the burgers are ready for the grill, I will general move the potatoes to the top grill shelf. Because they are cut so thin, they cook relatively easily.

I don't stir while cooking. My hubby likes the nice fresh, no browned part of the potatoes, while I really enjoy the potatoes on the bottom of the foil that have been browned from the heat. So good!!! See don't we make an excellent couple? Thank you ~~ we think so too =)

Now while the potatoes are grilling, I start the Sage Butter. It is SO good with these potatoes.

Sage Butter

Melt 2 TBL butter (I use vegan butter, but y'all use whatever butter you have on hand) on medium low heat. Let the butter melt and heat, but not brown. When it is very warm add 2 or 3 Sage leaves, depending on the size. When you add them it should sizzle. Let them cook for about 1 1/2 minutes and then turn heat off and set the pan off to the side.

When ready to use, crumble sage leaves into the butter. (They will be crispy). Or you can skip the crumbling sage part if you want to. Personal perference here. The butter has taken on the lovely taste of the sage. It is subtle and lovely!!! Drizzle a little bit of the butter onto the potatoes on individual plates just before serving and add a little more regular salt to taste if you'd like. And then ..... enjoy!!!

Happy, Healthy Eating,


  1. I love to grill too however I don't know how to grill anything but meat. I can't wait to try the potatoes.
    I also just saw you have a recipe blog, can't wait to check it out.

  2. Dawn,

    These have become a new all time family favorite of ours.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat