Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Love & a Recap .....

Well last night was the kick off to our Summer Bible Study through The LPM Blog. If you are not in a SBS and would like to join us, please do. You can go to Beth Moore's blog here or look at the tab in my side bar entitled "Summer Bible Study" to join us. It is wonderful to be in the Word of God, especially with a group of ladies stretching across the miles.

If you'd like to read the incredible insight these ladies had to share last night, just look at the comments on my last post. They were simple amazing!!! I felt God all over this computer last night, and I am so pumped to see how He will use this study and these friendships in each of our lives. AMAZING!!

Well, Sunday as y'all know was Father's Day. Me and my man (the best Father I know on this earth) went to his daddy's (also an outstanding Father, yep Dick was well taught) and spent the afternoon.

My SIL took this picture of my man and I, and it just makes my heart swell. I LOVE this man so much. He enriches my life

I told you the pillow story yesterday, well last night when I was getting ready to start Bible study, he came in and wanted to know if the compressor in the garage would bother me.
That was such a sweet thing for him to recognize. It didn't bother me at all, but how sweet of him to consider that it would. And yes he would have stopped what he was doing for me if it would have bothered me. Yes he is just that thoughtful.
He really is like that all the time. He thinks of me and honors me in ways that I know I don't always realize. He is the best man I know!!! THE.BEST.
Thanks Barb for this picture and thanks honey for being the man that you hero!!!
Have a Blessed day and take some time to hug your heroes today and thank God for them ~~


  1. So enjoyed last night... cant wait for the next "gathering"...

    what a fantastic picture of you & your love... such a beautiful couple - in every way!

  2. Great photo... and you are so blessed to have such a thoughtful hubby!!

  3. I really enjoyed Tuesday night. This will be such an enlightening experience. I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to me to have given this opportinity.
    I love the pictue.