Friday, June 25, 2010

Weeping Forward ..........

Yep I know it's Friday and normally I would be doing my Random Friday post, but I read something this morning I can't get out of my heart, so I wanted to share.

Here a couple of weeks ago I wrote a poem entitled, "Falling Upward". It is a deeply personal poem, chronicling a deeply personal time I am in right now. God spoke to me through this poem in a deep way. Well ..... as often the Lord will have it, He spoke to me this morning through the study I am currently in: Ruth, loss, love & legacy.

Kelly Minter writes: "Although there will be weeping in this life, the direction in which we weep is what truly matters."

WOW!! That is where I am at RIGHT NOW in my life. Weeping, sometimes feeling as though I'm gonna fall, and all the while being reminded that God will NOT let my foot slip, Ps 121:3.

Yes, there will indeed be weeping in this life, but oh how important for us as Christians to be aware of the direction in which we should weep; right into Papa's arms. Amazing!!

I will leave you with just a line from the poem Father gave me:

The face of pain
Behind the joy,
Falling upward
in the morn....

The reference to morn meaning my time with Father in the morning, I fall upward into His very capable arms.

I hope y'all have a beautiful weekend.

If you are in a season of weeping, let me encourage you to weep forward.

Love you ~~


  1. I loved that idea too when I read it... Loved the example of Paul weeping forward & the opposite of the man not giving up his wealth to follow Jesus.

    I've already got so much marked up in this book! And quotes highlighted & written down...

    May every tear we cry always be forward...

  2. Okay, so I know it's not "Bible Study Chat," but I decided to comment too. I liked this thought too. It really stuck out to me when I read it. I even turned to my husband and said something to him about it and he was like, What do you mean? Weeping forward may still be related to something hard we have to do, but it makes it more joyous, I think.


  3. What a neat perspective! Hugs! : )

  4. Hey sweet friend!!!! I love this post and as always, love your heart. Thanks so much for asking about AK's rash...she is as good as new!!! :) Thank you, Lord. We even took her to a friend's house with a pool last night and she got in for a while and no rash!!! So I think it must have been the STRONG chemicals they used at the water park....too much for her little sensitive skin!
    You are so sweet to us! Hope you have a good week!