Monday, June 14, 2010

Lovely Weekend....

This weeked has been so much fun. It has been full. I love full, fun relaxing weekends like this one. Nothing to serious. Just fun.

On Saturday morning I met a new friend for coffee at Hebrews Coffee. It was SO good and SO fun.

I am just over the moon, excited about how God is orchestrating this friendship. It truly has His stamp ALL OVER IT!!!

Perhaps one day I will share the beginning of the journey of this friendship, but for now, I will keep it in my heart. It is special and it is deep. Thank You Jesus!!!

I look forward to many more meetings at Hebrews Coffee with my new friend K.

Then it was back home and lounging with the family for a little while and then hubby and I headed out to eat.

I went it to tell Dak that we were leaving and he looked at me like I'd grown a third eye. Apparently that is not allowed =)


Me: Hey son, see ya later...
Dak: Where are you going?
Me: Dick and I are going out to eat....
Dak: Really?
Me: Yep. Date night.
Dak: You two are so cute....
Me: Yeah, I know. hahahaha

Then we were off to the Garden Cafe for pizza and sandwiches and AMAZING conversation!!! I LOVE being with my husband. The love in which he shares his wisdom with me is truly rock solid and inspiring. I am currently working through some stuff in my life. Ya know like the "what am I going to do with my life" kind of stuff. BIG stuff!! The kind of stuff that God is ALL OVER and my hubby is the biggest encouragement to me and gives me the most sound advice and loving me all the way through it. (BTW as I am typing this he is vacuuming. Yep he's a keeper =)


I love that God doesn't stop, He doesn't give up on us...on me. My calling in life is different than my wanting in life. Does that make sense? Why is it that when God gifts and calls and you know it, that you want a different gift or call sometimes. Oh brother....I am pathetic.

In church this morning, God seriously got a hold of me on this subject. Yep He knows me. Pastor Curt (our Senior Associate Pastor) spoke this morning, and the boy was on fire I tell ya. What a message!!! He was preaching out of Ephesians 3 and he said this in regards to verse 2 which talks about being stewards of God's grace. Pastor Curt said this:

"What God has given you to do is important. Stop having gift envy and do what God has given you to do. Serve Him in the call and gift on your life, right where you are."

Oh snap. Yep I got called out on this one. I knew exactly what he was saying, and that one was just for me. So I am now moving right on in the call and gifting that God has on my life. And I do so with a joyful and expectant heart. I can't wait to see how God will use this in my life. Yep it is an exciting time for me. My heart is full and ready. I've so needed to get off the Spiritual couch and get on with what God has for my life. Amen? Amen!!!

Well in other exciting news, next Tuesday starts our Summer Bible Study Series. If you want to join us, it's still not too late. Looking so forward to all that God has in store for us.

Y'all have a Beautifully Blessed day ~~


  1. That does sound like a great weekend and a wonderful word from the Lord to you! LOVE when He does that for us and takes us right back to His word to confirm what we were "thinking" or "feeling." He is so faithful....Happy for you friend. Hope this is a blessed week!!

  2. First - can I say I love how much you love your husband... its so adorable!

    Second - WOW... gift envying... isnt that crazy - but we do seem to do that... want to be gifted in areas that God already has covered & we miss the areas that God equips US with ... such babies we can be sometimes...

  3. I love date nights. We wont be having any of those for a while, we'll just have to eat in when kids are in bed.
    Gift envy... yeah I think we all suffer from that from time to time. Great reminder. And THANK YOU for always being so lovely.