Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Letting Him Grow Up ~~ Oh Boy!!!

So I have learned over this last year, often the hard way, that I must let my boy grow up. It is a hard reality, but one I have learned to embrace. Instead of fighting so hard against, because I mean it is seriously happening right before my eyes....I've decided to embrace it and all its intricacies, joys and pain. And what a trip....what a beautiful, scary, amazing trip!! And Dak makes it all the more interesting!!

Well over the weekend he went to his dad's who lives about 1/2 hour from us in the "Big City" =) Okay so it's Springfield, but still the biggest city around here and getting bigger all the time.... I digress....


And yes he drove himself, and yes that is the norm now. Dak going where Dak wants to go pretty much, and me smiling, hugging, waving bye with my brave face on, never wanting him to know how much I long for that cute itty bitty I held in my arms, or the gangly 7 year old who used to crawl up in my lap and love on me, just because I'm his mama. Oh there are still VERY sweet moments. He is such a sweet kid.

Like for instance....

I walked out of my bedroom yesterday on my way out the door to the doc's and he said, "Mom your hair always looks so pretty." Ahh now how sweet is that?!! Yep that went right into his Senior Journal with "Moment" underneath it. Yep I think that will be a regular feature in our journal, the "Moment" feature. Yep it gives me cause to stop a moment and smile a deep smile in my heart. I hold these "Moments" dear....so dear.

So back to the weekend....

So he started telling me how much fun he had. How he'd eaten at Buffalo Wild Wings, one of his favorites and how he'd seen a musical, another fav, and how he played tennis with his dad, yep fav. Well then he told me he did this.....

Hey Dak, are you kidding me? That is a motorcycle. Hello?!! Are you listening? A motorcycle really? EEK!!!!!

But how stinking cute is this child on this crazy, I don't like them, GET MY CHILD OFF THIS MOTORCYCLE, motorcycle?!!?!

And yes I most certainly voiced my opposition to said motorcycle, but again he is growing up and as a mama I must let go and put him in the hands of my always loving, always capable God.

Now let me just say, he is NOT driving the motorcycle, just riding it with his dad. Not sure that makes me feel any better, but boys will be boys right?!! oh boy!!!!!

So here I sit contemplating all this growing up stuff, knowing that Dak is so sweet and kind, and such a nice kid, that my heart just smiles. And he loves his mama. The feeling is oh so mutual!!! I love you kiddo!! Now STAY OFF THAT MOTORCYCLE!!! Always the mama right?!! Right.

Have a Beautiful Day,


  1. I know exactly what you're going through. There are some sweet moments, sad moments, scary moments, etc. in this phase of life. I have a sneeky suspicion you're gonna have an even more amazing relationship with Dak as he grows into adulthood.

  2. What a beautiful post! Our kiddos growing up is certainly bitter sweet. Your boy sounds like a fantastic kid.

    I'm not too sure what I would do if I saw my son on a motorcycle! Hopefully my reaction will be similar to yours!

  3. with a kiddo like Dak, you're going to have that journal filled before the school year BEGINS :)

    My mom always told me & my brother there are two rules that apply for our whole life - no tattoos & no motorcycles! :) haha! My brother actually did get a motorcycle & hid it from my mom for years ... he was in his 30's too... haha!!!

    Dak looks like a natural though sitting on that thing... but HELMETS boys - HELMETS!!!!! :)

  4. How swewt... its hard when the kids grow up :(

  5. Oh my word. I am right where you are, just a few years back. Connor is only five but I have to daily CHOOSE to trust God and believe that He will hold onto my sweet boy. He is growing up so fast!!! Can't believe Dak is going to be a senior!!! You are a wonderful Momma and a role model to me. Seriously. I am asking God right now to make my heart like yours!!! :)

  6. WOW! Always a Mama indeed sis :) I'm with you and praying...

    Love you darlin!