Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Path to Understanding...

There are many avenues that Father takes us down to gain understanding in our lives. Now please let me be clear, THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO FATHER AND THAT IS THROUGH THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. But when it comes to our walk, there are many different ways that God brings us to understanding, and one of those is through Bible Study. It is just one of many things that God is using to bring me closer to Him. And I love it!!!

Our Ruth study is fast approaching, so today I wanted to give you just another glimpse of this study, and some of the fun things the Lord has laid on my heart for this blog part of the study, and then just a note on this beautiful path to understanding. WOW since when did I get so uniform in my approach to blogging? Generally I am a wild flower kind of gal, not the manicured lawn kind of gal. Yep so far, this has been manicured. Interesting.....


This is what Miss Kelly Minter says about Ruth, the person of Ruth: "She is a flesh-and-blood example of integrity, kindness, purity, commitment, faith, and hard work. She is godliness with its sleeves rolled up, expressing her love for God even when she was profoundly devastated and left with a mother-in-law who had changed her name to "Bitter." (I think this means they weren't baking a lot of cookies together.) All this in the middle of a culture distinctly hostile to Israel's God."

The discription of Ruth in the first part of this sentence as "flesh-and-blood example of integrity, kindness, purity, commitment, faith and hard work..." is an Amen prayer to me; let it be Father. For so long I've prayed to be the kind of wife and mother that Dick and Dak deserve and need. I pray to be that Proverbs 31 woman, and I pray to be a woman of a gentle quiet Spirit. So this sentence spoke volumes to me of the longing in my heart to be a woman of God, with all the attributes that He instills including; integrity, kindness, purity, commitment, faith and hard work. Some time I would like to take each of these attributes mentioned here one by one and do a post of what each one means to me in my life. I long to be a Woman after God's own Heart. I long to be!!

Godliness with it's sleeves rolled-up, WOW!! Let's do some work in this study shall we?!! I mean let's roll those sleeves up and step out in faith in this study and get to the heart of the matter. I believe Ruth is going to take us on quite a faith journey and I am ready, how about you?

So as we study Ruth, set your heart toward Father. Let Him speak to those deep places in you that need Him to open the door that you long ago locked tight. Let Him help you to open it and carry you as you walk through the Loss, Love and Legacy of Ruth and you. Child it will be a beautiful thing!!

In honor of this Bible study I made some yummy treats on Tuesday: Honey Roasted Brownies. Oh my stars ~~ get-out-of-town good!!!.... or so they tell me =) I didn't partake because of all the butter and sweetned condensed milk, and y'all know of my love for the vegan diet, so I didn't partake, but oh did my family and friends love these!!! So I will post this recipe in my recipe tag later today ..... you're welcome =)

There are many recipes in this book that I thought might be fun to try. So each week, I'm gonna try at least one out of the book on my family and then I'll let you know how they like it. So if you'd like to join me, please do. This is a fun part of Kelly's studies. The recipes!!!

Also, I am working on maybe a specific time for us to "meet" here on my blog every other Tuesday for a chat. I'm thinking maybe 7:00 pm CST for about 30 minutes. I haven't worked out all the particulars but would love your feed back on this. What do you think? If y'all have ideas please let me know. I've seen others do chats on their blogs and it works pretty good if your group isn't too big, you just have to refresh to see the new comments, what do you think?

I'm looking so forward to the "meat" of this book, I can hardly stand it!!! God's going to work in us. I'm ready....How 'bout you?!!

So let me leave you with this little bit on a path to understanding. I am currently in a VERY painful season of growth. Father is teaching me to trust Him no matter what my eyes may see. It is difficult, but I know that God is working and He is calling me to Trust and Trust Deep!!! So I am really looking forward to this study and all the understanding and knowledge and wisdom I will gain through it to touch me right now in my place of need and growth.

Well let's get ready for some Bible study shall we?!!

Love you ~~ have a Beautiful day,


  1. I'm so sorry to hear you are going through a painful time right now friend!!!! Instantly, I thought, because you are heading up this study... you are working hard for God so that means that stupid, dirty Satan will throw things in your life that just makes it harder... You'll show him where you stand though - In the Mighty Power of God!!! I have no doubts!!!!

    I actually picked up my study this morning & thought, ITS ALMOST TIME!!!! I cant wait for what God has in store for ALL of us who are doing this study!

    Tuesday is fine with me... is there any sort of site that lets you do a group chat? But the blog idea works for me too... ready to dive in!

    Get a hold of me if you need to talk!!! Love you!!!

  2. Dawn,

    I haven't picked up the book just yet, with graduation ceremonies and running my oldest back and forth to work. I will attempt to keep up with you however.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Sounds like an interesting study, I will be looking forward to seeing how it goes and what you learn here on your blog even though I won't actually be participating. :)

    Have a peace filled weekend.