Monday, June 7, 2010

Raising Teenagers.... Not for the faint of heart ....

So I have been trying to post today and blogger was not working right. Bummer. But now it appears it is ~~ YAY!!! So I shall try...

On Friday, Dak and BK - Dak's BFF were working out. They have been working out since school has been out and they have been doing really well. They had planned on working out and then showering and off to apply for jobs.

Well I was out in the garden with G and Sir Cuteness when Dak comes barreling out of the house yelling, "Mom come quick, Brandon's broke his knee!!" So I dropped the hose and ran as fast as my knees would take me, following Dak into the garage.

Now my initial thought was that he was exaggerating the situation, until I got to the garage.
BK is laying on the ground writhing in pain and crying and saying that it hurts so bad. I jumped down where he was to get a better look, and OH MY STARS!!!!! Yep, it looked broke, or dislocated or something. I have had a lot of knee injury's, surgies and the like, and I knew that this was bad.

They were doing lunges, no weights, just regular lunges and it was the back leg and not the front. We are not sure, but thinking maybe he was a little twisted or something.

We packed it in ice and tried to get him as comfortable as possible, and decided there was NO WAY we would move him until help arrive. So we called his parents and his dad came right from work. They managed to get him up and into the truck and to the doctor. As soon as the doctor saw his knee she called an ambulance to take him to the hospital. I'm telling ya, IT WAS BAD!!!

He had dislocated his knee cap. OUCH!!! That hurts, I know from expierence. It is SO painful!! Your knee locks when that happens and it hurts to move it even the slightest bit. This poor child!!!!!

Well with all the moving around he was doing and the ambulance ride, his knee cap floated back into place. Whew!! He is on crutches and he goes back to the doctor on Friday. It is still hurting. We have been checking on him everyday. Today was not a good day. Hopefully tomorrow he will be feeling better.

So I thought in honor of our dear BK, I would post a few of my fav pics of him and Dak.

BK is just one of the funniest kids you will meet.....


We love you BK ~~ hope you are feeling better real soon!!!


  1. OUCH! It makes me wonder if he didn't hit that back knee on the floor when he went down??? I can't imagine that back leg twisting?? I hope he feels better soon... bless his heart.

  2. Oh boy! Glad he's ok.

    Great photos!

    Love and prayers dear sister!!!

  3. Oh my... that made me a little dizzy thinking about it...

    See, exercise is so bad for you! :)

  4. Dawn,

    Praying for BK and that you were able to do all the right things to make him comfortable until help arrived. See I knew lunges were bad for you!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat