Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Spoken Word ....

Well I tell ya, my speech is a topic that is up for great debate most days in my head. I will think, "now why did I say that?" or "why didn't I say that" or "Really Dawn?!!?!" Yep that kind of stuff goes on in my head a lot.

There is a verse that has come up twice in the last three days and generally that means I need to take notice. It is Proverbs 25:11. It came up in Kelly Minter's "Ruth: Loss, Love & Legacy" Bible study and then this morning in the Neil T. Andersen daily devotional I receive.

It says:

Proverbs 25:11 (New American Standard Bible)

11Like apples of gold in settings of silver
Is a (A)word spoken in right circumstances.

Well my goodness, now what could that mean? Ummm yes, it could mean that I need to be paying attention to what I say.

In this current season it has been of UTMOST importance for me to keep it shut, or to speak when spoken to, or to just speak only what NEEDS to be said, but really I haven't been very good at any of that until just very recently. God has been really delving into this area of right circumstances speaking over the last several days. And I am so grateful.

In my study, Kelly says this: "But keeping Ruth's words to Naomi in mind, today we'll look specifically at the use of our spoken words - especially as they relate to the people in our lives."

ummm yeah, I wrote off to the side, "WOW am I in trouble with this one -- smile =)"

But instead of heavy conviction and rebuke, I felt hugged by God; like He was saying that He knew I needed help in this area, and He would provide the help, I need only to let Him. I love Him so!!

So how's your spoken words? Do they inflate or deflate? Do they encourage or discourage? Let God work it out in you child, and hold on for one wonderfully, wild ride!!!

Love you ~~ Have a Blessed day,


  1. See? This is just another reason why I love you... we are the same.

    I just told the girls in my youth small group Monday how badly I am working on this same issue. My problem is I will say things out of a "hot-headed" mind & not a thoughtful or Christian heart...

    God is working on me about it & I've actually seen progress. The duct tape across my mouth really helps too! - hahaha!!!

  2. You totally wrote this post for me! I struggled with this exact issue yesterday and I appreciate your insights on the subject! Thank you!

  3. uh oh.... just for me today, Dawn.

    I needed this as a great reminder of what I already know!

  4. I am known in my family as not having any tact. It is so hard to learn to have this trait and to develop it. I have been trying for years. I am better, but still need work. I mean things get my back up and I have a hard time remaining quiet.

  5. am I too late to join in on Ruth...I have tried to find a local group and jusrt cannot get one together,....I saw your post somewhere and so need some accountability...