Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Long Obedience ....

So those of you who know me pretty well, know that I love me a good Study. Whenever I can get in the Word and grow, I'm all about it.

Well that is exactly what is happening in this study of Ruth by Kelly Minter. If you have not had the opportunity to start, it is not too late. This is such a good study.

I wrote on Friday about how "weeping forward" is a place I find myself in life right now, well seems as if I also find myself in a place of "Long Obedience". Where the Lord is telling me to keep on keeping on obeying and loving Him.

You see sometimes I want to obey and be through the trial.
I don't want to linger in it, and yet I know that there is much God wants to teach us through our trials. Sometimes I just want to be on the other side of the trial having learned and am now smarter and ready to move on. Yes, I know.....I am a mess....

And yet sometimes I have this persistance that is just unstoppable, much like Ruth. She knew she needed to go with Naomi and she wasn't taking no for an answer. That is perserverance in it's lovliest form, don't you think? Here is Naomi not wanting to hold her daughter-in-laws down, and also I think wanting a little time to her self, but that was NOT to be. Ruth would have none of it. She was persistent in going with, and so she did. I love that tenancious spirit of hers!!

Sometimes "long obedience" is hard, but there is MUCH to be said for obeying and keep on obeying even if its in the same issue. God is teaching me that. It is part of this whole Trust issue that He calls us to as Christians.

We live in such an instant world and we want things right.this.minute. But God (don't you love that) has designed things differently, slower paced if you will. Be Still. That is His take on our busy world.... And KNOW that I AM God .... Yep we know that He is God in those moments that our hearts are still before Him and we are basking in His sweet Presence..........

Yes Father, You are the I AM....You are my God!!! Praise You!!!!! Help me to be Still before You and to KNOW You in those deep places of my heart. You know I hurt. You know I get weary. Thank You for the gift of "long obedience" Father. You are my everything ~~ Amen.

Have a Blessed day,

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  1. And you know it probably was such an easy "out" when Orpah turned around too & went back... Ruth had the perfect excuse. "She's going, so I might as well too"... but she stuck it out - determined - not going to leave her MIL... love that passion she had of not being swayed away...