Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Lovin' Part 1

Oh how much I am lovin' summer, even before it has actually begun. But it certainly feels like summer to me. It's been hot and humid here in our cottage corner of the world.

So here we summer loves........

1). ~~ Lovin' homegrown sunflowers ~~
I looked out two evenings ago, just before it got dark out and what did my eyes see?...
Yep, a beautiful, lovely sunflower bloomed out. Oh how gorgeous!!! My fav flower!!

2). ~~ Short Summer Hair ~~
Lovin' my shorter do -- I went yesterday afternoon and got it schussed up. Oh I'm lovin' it!!

3). ~~ Summer Purses ~~
I have been looking for a lovely summer purse. I have been really liking those trendy mustard yellow purses, but couldn't find any that I wanted to pay the money they were asking for, but I've still continued to look. Well, I went into Cato's the other day and they had this purse on the clearance for $6.99. Yep it is so lovely and a keeper!!! GREAT summer purse!!

4). ~~ Summer Lovin' Sir Cuteness ~~
This kiddo makes me so happy!!!
So what are you sitting on Sir Cuteness?
Well, toliet paper of course Maw-Maw!!
How funny is this!! We'd just been to the
grocery store and this was his "chair" that
whole day. Hahahaha so cute!!

And this is just a bonus pic for you ~~ your welcome =)

5). ~~ Summer Lovin' my family ~~
A couple of weeks ago my dad was in and we had dinner with him. This is from L to R: My baby sis, Dena - my dad - my sis Rhonda - me.
Side note: my sis Rhonda brought us her famous Chocolate Cake with Coffee Icing last night. How nice was that? She brought us 2 bowls and Dak ate an entire bowl by himself. So funny!!! He LOVES Aunt Rhonda's cake!! Thanks sis!!!!!

6). ~~ Summer Lovin' Front Door Fun ~~
Yesterday I got this very cute flower on a clearance at a local nursery,
so I bought it thinking I could somehow make this a front door lovely....
and oh look how cute she is!!!
This was so easy and fun. I love how it turned out!!

7). ~~ Back Porch Summer Lovin' ~~
We have a very modest back porch, but I love it. And this year I've decided to get it fancied up. Look how cute!! Yep this is a nice place to sit in the evenings.

8). ~~ Summer Lovin' Canning Salsa ~~
Tuesday G and I made 21 pints of salsa from last years tomatoes that we'd froze. So now we are ready for this years harvest. Now let me just say that I couldn't have done this without G. She did most of the work, while I chased a baby, tried to figure out teenage world stuff and had the bug guy here to spray for ants outside. WOW!! It was a day!!! Thanks G for all your help!!!!!

9). ~~ Bible Study Siestaville Style, Summer Lovin' ~~
I'm really looking forward to this study for the summer. I do love me some Summer Bible Study. I'm picking up two more books today for two ladies who will be joing us. There's still plenty of time for you to join us. There are five of us now that will be doing this through my blog. If you'd like to join in, please just give me an e-mail and I'll send you the details.

10). ~~ Summer Lovin' Recipes ~~
This week I have made two very easy recipes. I will be posting these recipes this afternoon hopefully. Pasta Alfredo and Black Bean and Corn Enchiladas Both keepers!!
Well there you have it. My first of probably many "Summer Lovin' " posts.
What are you lovin' this summer?
Have a Blessed and Beautiful day,


  1. Mercy are full of Summer Lovin'!!! I absolutely adore your haircut!! I am in the middle of trying to grow out some layer and could I say, IT AIN'T WORKIN'!! LOL

  2. Oh you HOT THING! Your hair if FANTASTIC!!!! You look so SASSY!

    Oh, I love Brown... so am lovin' your purse. And at that price, oh my, how do you pass that up?

    My sunflowers are starting to grow up now too - just a few inches, but they'll be up tall soon, I'm sure!

    I'm checking my mail every day for my book & am so excited about it. I think I've told everyone I know about doing this!

  3. Dawn,

    I seriously need to learn how to can. I love your summer salsa. Perhaps you'd be willing to part with some??

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. I would love summer too if my summer looked like yours. We are so way behind you in terms of gardening. We won't get tomatoes until August. And the sunflowers until about then too.
    I got a gorgeous hot pink purse for summer this year. Yowza it is bright!
    Love that grandbaby of yours.

  5. I love sunflowers, your cute little summer cut, you already know my love for all things purses, and that Sky is adorable!!