Friday, July 9, 2010

Random Friday ~~ Where as this week gone edition?...

Oh wow is it Friday already and I haven't even posted hardly at all this week? WOW I need to get with it.

Well, truth is, I've been a busy girl this week. I've been having lots of fun and not slowing down much to write.

But let me tell ya just a little about my week. Sir Cuteness and I have been hanging out and
I've been just watching him be at his Sir Cuteness best. This child keeps me laughing, and running. Have I mentioned he's taken up gymnastics. Yeah and you'd better be on your toes because once he says ready or more like rea-y, you had better be, because here he comes full force and laughing all the way.

Oh yeah, and he is a repeater. It is so cute. You say something and he repeats. Oh yes, he makes my heart sing.

Dak is enjoying his summer, I think. I haven't seen him much lately. He gets up and is off and going, but he did tell me he'll be home Friday and Saturday, so I'm looking forward to that. Maybe I'll see him for more than just a few minutes at a tme.

In other random happenings, my friend K, lent me a dress for a wedding I'll be attending later in the month. When I showed my hubby he said "It's cute, but it looks a little young." Hmmm wasn't sure how to take that....does that mean I'm getting old? can't....I mean really.......hmmmmm must give this some thought. But man is it ever a cute dress. I may just have to look "young" at the wedding in this kicking dress!!! =)

Wow this post has been all over the place random, so in continuing with this theme, I wanted to leave you with a couple of pics of Sir Cuteness when he was about a year old or so (the dates on the pics are wrong, so please ignore =) I was looking at pics and found these.

Oh my ~~ be still my g-babe lovin' heart!!!

Have you ever? I mean seriously, how cute is this face?!!

I mean look at this lovely ~~ oh he makes my heart sing!!

WOW, so this was way random and not even very informative. Sorry sometimes it just rolls that way =)
Have a Blessed weekend and maybe I'll have more interesting things to talk about next week =)
Love you ~~


  1. Look how much Sir Cuteness has grown since then! Still so adorable!

    Ahhh - the fun of teenagers - never being at home. Why do they have to have a life of their own? ;)

    I cant wait to see you in that dress! I bet you are going to be one smokin' YOUNG LOOKING thang! :) Let your hubs know its a good thing when they think your wife is too young for you! haha!!!

    Enjoy your weekend with Dak!!!
    HUGS & LOVE friend!

  2. Cracks me up about Dak... once they get car keys it's all she wrote!!!

  3. Dawn,

    Looks like he'll be driving before you know it. Love all the pictures and even Cait hasn't been home much. It's more like H n G lately. Hi and Goodbye!

    Come check out my book giveaways ending today. Click on the titles on the right hand side of my blog to enter any of them to win.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat