Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall Bible Study .... Jonah: NALI.... Weeks 1 & 2

WOW!!! What a two weeks of study ladies!! God has really been stirring in my heart and changing me from the inside out. I have definitely needed this study at this particular juncture in my life. How about you?

I am really looking forward to "seeing" you all in Bible Study tonight over at Chatzy right here.

So let's dive in shall we?

Priscilla started our study off with a beautiful, convicting poem on page 9. This is my summary:

Are you willing to serve God until it gets inconvenient?
Do you desire to do His will until it gets uncomfortable?
Do you long to hear His Word until it steps on your toes?
Are you willing to have your life interrupted by our all-powerful, all-consuming, ever-present, always loving us God?
Then welcome to Jonah!!

There is so much in these first two weeks we can talk about. My book is all marked-up, with lots of notes off to the side. But I've decided to stay with the approach Beth Moore used in our summer study and do 2 questions from each week. That's what I'll try to stick to.

Week 1:

"The word of the LORD came to Jonah son of Amittai: 2 'Go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it...' " Jonah 1:1-2a

Question 1: From Day 3, page 18 & 20:

"The bulk of what Scripture teaches about this prophet and certainly the most eternally significant part of this man's life comes after God interrupted...Jonah's true significance began with a divine intervention."

"Our significance, at least the kind that will leave an eternal mark, can only be found in how fully we yield to God's purposes for our lives."

Has God's divine intervention in your life caused you to find true significance? And has that significance been hindered by how you have yielded or not yielded to God's purpose for you?

Question 2 - Day 4 - Page 24:

"Jonah had done what we often do - take ownership of that which we've only been asked to manage."

Ouch!! Did that cut right to the heart of the matter or what?

How can taking ownership in a management position in life be detremental to all involved?

Just a thought: God has called us to manage, but how often do we want to own what we are merely were meant to manage?

Week 2:

"But Jonah rose up to flee to Tarshish from the presence of the LORD..." Jonah 1:3a

We see a theme running all the way through this weeks study: The Internal Runner

Day 1 - Page 36: "It's far more simple and discreet to run away internally, isn't it? We head to Tarshish in our hearts so we can still pretend we are obeying God."

Share an eample of running internally and what this internal running does to you externally as well.

Day 4 - Page 47: "So thank God for the storm not just for Jonah but anytime we're on our way out of God's will too. You can be asleep and not realize it until a storm shakes you awake from your spiritual slumber."

Has a storm ever shaken you from your Spiritual slumber like it did Jonah? How did you respond and have you found Blessing in the storm? Have you been able to be thankful for the storm?

Bonus Question: =) Day 4 - Page 49: I found the Group Discussion very stirring to my heart.

So, how does a pagan man waking a believing man to pray correlate to the world and the church today? Referencing Jonah 1:5-6

Would love to hear your thoughts on this. We may not get to this question tonight. If we don't I'd love it if you would e-mail me your thoughts on this. I'd love to hear them.

Well, there you have it ladies. That gives you some meat to chew on today.....

I'm looking so forward to "seeing" you all in Bible Study this evening at 7:00 CST. Dak has a CC Meet about 45 mins from here, so I'll be boogeying home, but should slide in, in plenty of time =)

Love you all so ~~

"The LORD is righteous in all His ways and kind in all His deeds." Psalm 145:17

Have a Blessed day ~~

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  1. Sorry I have to work tonight. This will be a good night of discussion. Submission, Storms, Manangers and not Owners. I am thankful Gods Divine Intervention when I fall asleep. Love You