Friday, September 17, 2010

Random Friday ~~ Can you even stand the Cuteness?.... and other random happenings.....

WOW this week has been FULL of fun and love and random happenings!!!

The Cuteness in this post is almost unbearable, so be prepared =)

Sir Cuteness has taken up cooking. Now I know, you must be thinking that 2 is a little young to be taking up Chef duties, but I couldn't disagree more!!! =)

As long as you supervise and don't include the oven, stove or any other hot objects, your good. So now you may be wondering how we cooked without them......imagination peeps ~~ IMAGINATION!!! And Sir Cuteness has imagination running out of his cute little ears I tell ya. It is just to much stinkin' fun!!!

So he came in a couple of days ago and says,

SC: Cook
ME: Okay
ME: What are we cooking?
SC: Corn (yep the boy loves him some corn. Even named one of his action figures O-Corn ~~ I know, you can't even stand the cuteness right now ~~ I KNOW!!! =)

So here he is headed to the freezer for what else, corn. I mean, look at that face!!!!! I told ya, Cuteness totally oozing =0)

So, here he is, ever so busy with the corn. I mean seriously, have you ever cooked corn with such intensity? Me either =)
And of course you must have salt in your corn.....

And cuteness....

Okay, so we will come back to Sir Cuteness and the corn in just a minute, but first let's take a look at other Randomly Cute happenings this week.
Dak's Choir teacher is pregnant and the kid's are just thrilled. She is due in May.......they are so pumped.
So Dak and Leezy (Sir Cuteness' name for Alyssa) decided to make Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins for Mrs. N. They have taken it upon themselves to make sure she gets enough junk food in the next 8 or so months....ummm....yeah.....nice of them......they totally just want to eat in Choir =)
Okay, so the above picture Look at Dak, he is POURING the muffin mix in the muffin pan, and he is not looking to confident in this venture....
Now, check out Leezy....she is totally using a spoon and looking quite confident in her endeavors.

I'm not sure which one of them thought of this pic, but this TOTALLY shows my boy. I mean seriously, yep this is him. AHHHH Life with a teenager, a Senior teenager at that....yep never a dull moment....never. hahahahaha!!!!!

So Cute....too stinkin' cute!!!.. He looks so young here.....oh I remember young.

So I have about 45 or so more pics I could show you just of that one day. Yep Dak & Leezy totally on a roll..... love these two so!!!
Now, back to Sir Cuteness and the corn.
Here he is cooking said corn.....but let me warn you, the Cuteness level in this video is OFF ~~ THE ~~~ CHARTS ~~~~~ !!!!!

In other news: I have a doc's appt today at 2:15 with my local Orthopod. I'll let y'all know where he thinks we go from here.
Thank you for your prayers and sweet comments and e-mails concerning this very concerning knee situation.
I hope y'all have a Blessed and beautiful weekend ~~
James 5:16
"Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective."


  1. How adorable is your little man!!! That shirt (Wanted for hugs) is awesome!!!

    Totally lifting a prayer for you friend for your appointment!!!!

    Good seeing the photogenic-fun Dak! :)

  2. Hey Hey,
    I stumbled over your blog today and I just had to tell you I'm enjoying your blog. Your awesome. I became a follower and I'm looking forward to keeping up and leaving comments. I hope you will check out my blog, and become a follower. I have a button, and I'd like to add you to my blog roll. I hope you have a lovely weekend. God Bless You and Yours


  3. This post contained WAY TOO MUCH cuteness!! But, you warned us! Ha!

    Hope your appointment went well!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Aww, family moments -- always precious!

    Praying for you dear friend! Love you!!