Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Frag #1 .....

Mommy's Idea

Okay so I am TOTALLY new at Friday Frag, but SO wanted to join in on the fun. I really look forward to RJ's post every Friday because they are the Frag. I especially love the spat-of-the-week. Does that make me bad? It always cracks me up. RJ, you are a funny woman =)

So let's start with Physical Therapy. Yesterday I called to get records from my PT in '08 & '09, because when we started PT this time, they had a sheet there that told me how much we'd owe, which BTW was $0 at least as long as my PT stays in '10. We have met our out-of-pocket and deductible for the year, so insurance picks it up at 100%, but in '08 we ended up owing A LOT more than $0, with the same insurance and definitely had met all requirements.

Now all that to I do a lot of PT in my life. In '08 I went from March - July and then from November '08 - to March or April of '09. And now guess what, yep back in PT. At least if I have to spend so much time there, I really like my PTist and she does a lot of this.....

William & Kate ~~ I mean seriously, who doesn't LOVE a good love story. When I was almost 15, Prince Charles married Diana, and my mom let me get up to watch it. It was one of the highlights of my teenage years. For one I felt SO grown-up to be able to get up and watch, but also for a VERY long time after I had fairy tale wedding dreams. Even dreamed of being a Wedding Planner. Yep, that wedding was spectacular. I am loving all the coverage this is already getting. I think our world needs a good love story, complete with Prince and a commoner who will be Princess. Yep, warms my heart.

And can y'all believe that next Thursday, less than a week away is Thanksgiving? It has certainly snuck up on me. The past two years I have done a countdown to Thanksgiving, every Thursday a month before Thanksgiving, but this year I am a slacker =) I LOVE Thanksgiving, and not just the food, although I love a good stuffing and Sweet Potato Casserole, be still my heart =) but I love getting together with my family. They are all so sweet and it just really starts the holidays off right for me.

Sir Cuteness Cute Moment of the Week: Our little g-babe has quite the country drawl. It is the cutest thing you have ever heard in your life. This is a conversation we had the other day:
SC: Gamma, I need screw-----driv-----er (all drawn out like that)
G: You need a what?
SC: A screw-----driv-----er
G: How old are you?
SC: I 2.
G: Are you sure your not 12? Because most 2 year olds don't even know what a screwdriver is little lone be able to say it.
SC: Gamma, I need screw-----driv-----er peeeeze!!!!! (Cue the cutest face ever complete with dimples =)
G: Okay.
So I go and get the screw-----driv-------er and low and behold if this little guy didn't start trying to unscrew a screw in his toy garage. So not only can he say screw-----driv-----er, he also knows what do to with it. He has obviously been watching his PaPa =)
Well, okay so that's it for my Frag this week. I'll get better with practice =)
Have a Super Blessed Weekend,


  1. YIPEE for frags!!! :)

    I can totally see you as a wedding planner! I always wanted to do that myself... but now, I'd rather be on the backside of the camera! :)

    Oh - those hands on that knee... that makes me hurt thinking about that... ouch!!!!

    OK - I'm going to love the Sir Cutement moment... MUCH better then a "spat" of the week - haha!!!

  2. That's LOTS of PT!!!

    I was obsessed with Prince Charles and Lady Di's wedding. I recorded it and watched it over and over. I think I even have a VCR tape of it still!! Haha! I told Daisy the other day that I think it's pretty cool that I will be able to see both pairs get married.

    Hope you have a BLESSED Thanksgiving week, Dawn. Enjoy your precious family!

  3. Welcome to Friday Fragments! I love toddlers, they're so cute! Isn't it funny when you realize they know things you had no idea they knew!?