Monday, December 13, 2010

The Gift!! and a Birthday.....

Disclaimer: My pictures and captions are all messed up, but hopefully you can follow me here =)

So today was the day I headed back to church. It seems like it has been forever since I have been there. I was so glad I was able to go today. It was our CHRISTmas program day and it was SO good!!! Our church does a wonderful job of presenting the gospel every single Sunday, but on holidays it is outstanding!! I am so thankful to go to a church that is Christ centered.

Today when I pulled in I prayed for a good parking spot, because I was by myself and it was SO cold, and I'm still on a cane. As I pulled in there was nothing in the first row, so I went to the second, and there was someone pulling out in the front part of the lot. So good and so like my Father.

Then when I went into the bathroom, there was one of Dak's friends that graduated last year. I talked to her for a second and then as I entered the sanctuary, a waitress at one of my favorite restaurants was there and then as I talked to her, my favorite girl Alyssa came up to me with one of her incredibly sweet friends, Airelle, and they said that I would sit with them. They had me a seat IN THE THIRD ROW!!! What GREAT seats!!... for a wonderful program.

It was.....

And it was SO good!! My favorite part was seeing all of the people that came forward and knowing that God was doing a work and they would never be the same!!~ Yep, gained some brothers and sisters in Christ today. Beautiful!!

After the service, they invited me to lunch. How nice is that? These girls are 2 Seniors in High School and a Freshman in college and they invited me to lunch. How sweet!!

We had such a good time.
Of course there was sweet Alyssa.....

Sami.....our college Freshman.....

And I look old.....anyway.......she is an absolute doll!!!!!

I haven't had much time to blog lately, so let me catch you up on a birthday one of us had last week. My sweet Mr. Winslow.

Sir Cuteness and I had such a fun time planning a fun evening for him.

We went to church and got him the Daniel series and then it was off to the pizza store and then Dairy Queen for the always-famous Ice Cream Cake.

How cute is this cake? I LOVE snowmen!! How fun that they had a cake that was a snowman!!! YAY!!


Okay, so still CHRISTmas shopping. How many of you are still shopping? Oh please I hope I'm not the only one!!!

Is anyone else loving The Sing-Off? Oh wow!!! I'm loving the older group and Committed. Those two groups are my favorite. Anyone else watching and loving?

Hope you have a beautiful day!!


  1. How sweet and thoughtful of those two young girls!! I'm sure your Christmas program was awesome. From everything I've seen, they do everything so well (and my CD is proof)!

    Happy late birthday to Dick! That cake is so cute - and I'm sure it was yummy too!

    We're watching the Sing Off and loving it too. We like the groups you mentioned too!

  2. Lady- I take that as the highest compliment when some "young adults" want you to hang out with them... how fun is that? (And you dont look old!!!)

    So glad you got to get back to church - I know that had to make your heart sing!

    Happy Birthday to your love... I on the other hand am in love with that snowman cake. I'm not a fan of ice cream cakes, but how can you resist that snowman face?

    OHHHHHHH yes - Committed!!!! They HAVE to win - if they dont - something is rigged with this show! Love seeing some Christian young men out there....

  3. Ok this is really bad when I like the same groups as you. I really like the committed group. Love the cake. Did you really think that I would be finished shopping its not the 24th yet. Have a Blessed Day, Love You

  4. I love the pictures and I think it is so cute that they want to hang out with you! And why not - you are so much fun!

  5. What a great first day to come back to church!
    It was quite impressive.
    Also, that is the cutest cake I have ever seen!