Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another First Last.........Senior CHRISTmas Program

Last night was another first last for us in Dak's Senior Year, his CHRISTmas Program. He has been singing in choir since the third grade. It has been so fun to watch him through the years. It is so hard to believe this is the last High School CHRISTmas Program for him.

This Senior Year is starting to really fly by. I'm trying to take it all in, but on the inside the emotions are starting to stir. As I drove down the road the other day, I started thinking about graduation, and thinking about how sometimes the kids will give their mom's roses, and I have NO idea if the kids will do that, because they didn't last year, but that didn't keep my brain from going there. I finally had to call my sister because I was practically in tears. Oh my people!! You are gonna have to keep me sane for the next 5 months. 5 MONTHS FROM TOMORROW MY BABY GRADUATES!!! But I'm okay really....sniff....tear.....sniff....tear......boohoooooooo =)

I love him so!!! Last night was a lot of fun.

Here is Dak with Alyssa. I cannot tell you how happy these two have made me over the years, and this girly is the sweetest thing. She stopped by last night before the Program just to see me, because she was afraid I wouldn't be able to be there. How sweet is that? She also wanted me to check her hair with the feathers in it. This girl is absolutely beautiful. And the feathers made it even better. It was fun.

And here they are doing a little secret high five (I found out later). How funny is that? All these years they have always been so serious during these things (for the most part). But last night they had some fun little moments. So fitting for their Senior Year.

The girl with the long dark hair is my sweet friend Trisha. She is the sweetest girl, and when she saw me come in last night she made a bee line across the room and gave me the biggest hug. Ya know, a real hug for a long time. I love her so. RJ, you would love to sit and talk with this very real, Jesus lovin' girl. Trisha participated in our Fall Online Bible Study. Y'all would just love her.

Oh my word, I love this boy so!!!!! We didn't take pics before we left, so I made him take a couple after the program. He makes me SO happy!!!!!

Okay, I so wanted to take a pic without my coat on so I could show you my cute sweater. Mainly because RJ, you'd love this sweater. It is crochet I think, with a cowl neck. I LOVE this sweater, but it is hard to wear. Do you know what I mean? You have to wear a shirt under it, like I said it has a cowl neck, so you have to get that right, and it also has bell sleeves. But I really love it, I just don't wear it much because it is so stinkin' hard to wear, but next time I'm so taken a picture of it. Just for you my dear RJ.

You can kinda see the neck in this picture. How cute is my Dak? I showed his picture to a waitress yesterday, yes I am that girl who shamelessly shows pictures of her family at whim =) and she said, "oh he looks so much like you!!" AHHHH, I'm so happy when people say that. I love it that me and my boy look a like. He doesn't have my average or crazy knees, Praise the Lord, but he does have my nose. Yep we both have button noses =)

Okay, so my video as far as looking at it is not so good, but the audio is so good. I wanted y'all to hear just a touch of this choir singing one of the most beautiful CHRISTmas songs, Immanuel. So beautiful!! Their harmonies are so beautiful!!! Love.

So today is PT day, after taking a day off to rest my leg yesterday, we'll see how it is today. I am having a real problem though. I am not sleeping and it is starting to get to me. I'm trying to get off of my pain meds at night, but I wake up every about 30 mins last night because my leg is hurting. It is getting annoying. I'd so appreciate your prayers. They gave me some medicine to take, but I tried it and woke up thinking that my pictures had rocks in them and Mr. Winslow was made at me. Weird. So I am needing some restful, leg not hurting sleep. I'd love to get a good night's sleep. Nothing like it.

Hope you all have a beautiful day!! Take a moment and take in the season. I just love CHRISTmas. All the sounds and sights and the beauty of the season makes me smile. When I think about God sending Christ to this earth to redeem us, knee problems go away, pain vanishes and my heart is so thankful.

Thank you for sending Christ for us. When I think of the journey Christ took here from cradle to the grave and then when He rose again and ascended to be back with you, and knowing it was all in your plan for our lives to know you and be with you for eternity, my heart is full. There is truly no one like You Father. Thank you for sending Jesus. Thank You for loving me. I praise You LORD!!! Amen.


  1. So much great stuff in this post!!!

    OK - can you tell girlfriend I LOVE feathers, or bows, or flowers in hair - she's STYLIN' it OUT! :)

    Love their giving a little secret high five... friendships - so special!

    YIPEEEEEE - Trisha's precious face! I already know how sweet her soul is in her words, so its great to see a face that goes with it! So beautiful!

    Always love pictures of you & your boy! I cant believe its 5 months too! WOW.. just WOW!!!!!

    Yep - must see a pic of the sweater! I love the cowl necks but know what you mean - they can SAG & you dont want any surprises peeking out - so I'm always wearing a tank top under mine as well! My fav sweater right now has the bell sleeves & I LOVE it - but have learned its not productive to work in. They have knocked papers in the floor & dragged through my ink pad many times.... anything for beauty though :)

    I will most definitly pray for you friend & your sleep! I know how grumpy I get when I'm not getting some good sleep... it just makes everything more stressful... maybe you can get some sweet playing, smooth music on that ipod... set it to turn off after a few hours & put those plugs in your ears & see if that helps? (REALLY LOW though!!!)

    OK - how bizzare is this - I just ran across this - "a natural way to get to sleep without pills! - At bedtime, drink a glass of water, then let a pinch of salt dissolve on your tongue. Just make sure the salt doesnt touch the roof of your mouth. Studies show the combination of salt & water can induce a deep sleep" ... dont know if it'll work - but cant hurt to try - right?

    Love ya lady!

  2. I'm sorry to say these last 5 months are going to fly by... but you are taking in every moment!! So there will be no regrets.

    I got tickled at you talking about your sweater. Ha!

  3. I'm sorry to hear you aren't sleeping well. that is so important when needing to heal. i will pray that God will give you a good nite sleep tonite.

    One thing I tried after my surgery was Benedryl. It worked without the weird dreams and my cousin who is a nurse told me to try it. I have a lot of allergies, so it helped that as well.

  4. Dawn,

    I love seeing you with your son and with that big beautiful smile on your face.

    I'm enjoying the first/last Senior stuff with our daughter as well. Time flies too fast...

    Praying for your health/knee and blessings over your family dear one.

    You are precious to the LORD. Keep to the faith!

    Merry Christmas!
    Love you!