Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Fragments #3 .....

Mommy's Idea

Okay so it is Friday and that means Fragging time, so let's hit it..... =)


So this week, my frags are pretty much about Sir Cuteness.

This child is such a joy to our hearts and the smartest kid.

I mean seriously, he is SO smart!!!!!

He has taken to being a photographer.

He takes my "Pod" (that's what he calls my I-pod)

and has figured out how to take pictures.

It is SO funny.

I currently have over 400 pics on my "Pod" and most of them he has taken and most are of him.


But look at some of his work. He's pretty good.....

I heart this picture so....

Love it!!

And here we are doing the whole sticking out our tongue thing =)

And the cheesey smile......


Sir Cuteness got his hair cut this week and when he got home his daddy asked him if she washed it after he got it cut, and he said yes. His daddy said, "Your mama washed it?" to which Sir Cuteness said, "No, the doctor did" hahahaha apparently Sir Cuteness went to the hair doctor. He is SO funny!!!!! He is just the sweetest thing!!


And speaking of the sweetest thing, RJ (Rebecca Jo) made Sir Cuteness and Dak THE CUTEST scarfs you have EVER seen!!!!! Dak hasn't let me take a picture of him in his yet, because well, he is a teenager =) but here is Sir Cuteness in his.

Look how wonderful it is!!!!! He loves it SO much!! He had to wear it to show his mama and then wanted me to take it back home. It was so sweet.

Thanks RJ!!!!!!!!! They are a hit!!!!!!!!

Look at Sir Cuteness with my Mr. Winslow.

I love these two so!!!!!


So in other totally unrelated Fragging news.....

How are y'all enjoying American Idol?

What do you think about the judges dynamics?

I think it's going to be an interesting year, to say the least.


Okay, so today is another snow day for Dak that he DOESN'T have to make up because he is a Senior. But he wanted to have school today because of all the work he has to do. Go figure. He even brought work home with him to do in case it snowed. What? Where is my son? What did the school do with him? heehee Good job Dak!!!!!


Well, I hope you had a good week.

Have a Blessed weekend,


  1. Ahh - tell Dak I totally understand him being a teenager - no picture is required :)

    And I made Sir Cuteness's a tad long so you could wrap it around a few times... & so it would last for next year too when he grew up some... see? that's me thinking ahead! :)

    I love all the pics he's taking. Sometimes kids can capture the best pictures... seeing the world through their eyes is so fun!

  2. Sky is so funny. Love that first photo!!!

    I'm liking American Idol so far. I really like JLo and Steven Tyler. I've never been a big Randy fan. Even the early episodes seem a little better to me. I usually don't like all the auditions, but they seem to not linger so much on the stupid stuff. The young mom's story made me cry last night.

  3. Sir Cuteness is certainly named appropriately! Isn't it amazing that kids that age can operate a "Pod" that takes us adults a learning curve to learn to operate! LOL
    Emma loves taking pictures with her mother's IPhone, too!

    I love the scarf that RJ made! So precious...and the pictures of Sir Cuteness and Mr. Winslow..priceless!

    Love you and hope you have a blessed weekend!