Monday, January 24, 2011

Bible Study Questions: Session 2

Good Morning!!! I hope if you are joining our study that you are enjoying it as much as I am. It is ROCKING MY WORLD!!! Just sayin' =) If you are not joining along side us, I hope you are in God's Word on a consistent basis and learning more about our Amazing Father, His Son and Holy Spirit. I love learning more.

So tomorrow, we will be meeting at our ususal time and place in web-world: 6:00 PM, CST right here on Chatzy.

So let's get started.....

Isn't is a beautiful thing, that God wants to meet with man. He wants us to know Him, not because of who we are, but because of who He is. He is the One who draws us unto Himself. He, the Creator, wants to be with us in our everyday journey on this planet. What a beautiful and amazing Truth.

Beth says on the bottom of page 13: "...that is why God created us: not because He needed us but because He wanted us. The act was based on the pleasure of His will."

Question 1:

So in light of the above paragraghs, why do you think it was so important for the Israelites to build the Tabernacle exactly to spec?


I love the word picture she constructs of building a bridge from the Garden of Eden to the Tabernacle. When you think about all the events, from God walking with Adam in the Cool of the day, to the fall, to the flood, the Tower of Babel, the covenant cut with Abram, all the way to Moses and the Israelites building the Tabernacle, you must conclude that God definitely had a plan and it was in motion.

Beth says on page 19: "According to Revelation 13:8, Christ is the "Lamb slain from the foundation of the world" (KJV). God's breathing a soul into Adam signed His precious Son's death certificate. The moment the decision was made to create humankind, Christ was, in simple terms, as good as dead. We had to have a Redeemer. Although God grieved over people's sin, He was not surprised. The plan was intact prior to the people, and no one could thwart that plan!"

Question 2:

God has a plan, a specific plan for each of us and He built the bridge through Christ for us to get with His program.

What does that mean to you? How has the construction of that bridge changed you?


In week 2, day 2 we studied about The Bitter Waters of Marah. As I studied this day, and particularly the bottom of page 36 and top of page 37 about bitterness, God reminded me of an especially painful time in my life that caused much bitterness for me in the years that followed.

When I was a Senior in High School, I was asked by my Senior Class to play the piano and sing a song I had written for graduation. It was a HUGE deal to me, because you see, in HS I was VERY unpopular and picked on. So to be asked to do this was a big honor.

Well, I practiced and practied AND practiced, until I know my family was sick of hearing the same song.

I might add that at this particular time in my life and all growing up to this point, I was a HUGE daddy's girl. My daddy did no wrong in my eyes. This girl loved her daddy like no other.

Well the day of graduation came and my dad was not home yet (he was a truck driver), but he assured me he was on the way and said he wouldn't miss it for the world. Well hours passed by and graduation got closer and closer and my dad kept calling and telling me he would be there.

Well the time for graduation came and I looked over to where my precious mama and family sat, hoping my dad would be there, and he wasn't.

Well, the worst part of this story is still to come ---- the reason he wasn't there ---- but you'll just have to join us this evening to find out what happens, and why bitterness set in and how God has healed that bitterness over the years.

Question 3:

Has there been a time in your life when you were bitter? Have you allowed God to heal you of it? What did that healing look like for you? If you are still bitter about something, cry out to God, He knows your heart dear one, and let Him put His healing salve of forgiveness on that wound child. He loves you so!!!


NOTE: Everyday of this study holds a rich new Truth for me and also some familiar Truths revisited, and on day 4 week 2 at the bottom of page 43 at the bottom, I gave a hearty "OUCH & AMEN" off to the side. Anyone else?


I absolutely love how she ties the OT in with the NT all through this study. Everything points to Christ. In fact, as I write this, I have heavenly bumps (goose bumps =) from just going back over day 5. I just wanna stop and praise Him ----- He is SO Worthy!!!!!


Question 4:

(Bottom of page 46)

How is Christ clothed in Revelation 19:13?

"A garment of such expense has never existed in all eternity. An unfathomable price was paid for a garment of blood. Why did His robe have to dipped in blood?"

(Top of page 47)

What does Hebrews 9:22 say to this issue?

Given Jesus' sacrifice, what does Isaiah 61:10 mean to you?

Give another verse of Scripture that you love describing Christs' love for you.


Well, here we go. Our first two weeks of study complete and hopefully your faith and love for the Father and all that He did to draw you unto Himself has grown exponentially.

I am SO loving this study. Be faithful to your homwork dear ladies. Nex week is going to Blow your Beautiful Minds!!!

Hold on for more soul searching times in the next week.....Beautiful!!

Psalm 46:10: Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth."

I love you so,


  1. I like you are getting the questions out a day early... good to reflect on...

    I may be a little late getting on... I have a hair appointment tomorrow - but feel free to start without me.

    I am LOVING LOVING LOVING this study! And I would have probably never picked it up if it werent for you - you know my thoughts on the whole "tabernacle" thing- but this is just so interesting... every day I look forward to it!!!

    "talk" with you tomorrow! :) Love you friend!

  2. That is a great study - I did it way back when and did it when she redid it also !

  3. Love the study. I am really enjoying it. If we lose tonight I will have to work tomorrow so I will let you know, I'd like to talk about some of the questions. Love you