Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Letters

I am joining in on Deidre's Sunday Letters.

Dear Dak,

WOW what a week you have had. This is a week you will always remember. It is the start of a dream. You can see that it is going to come true, and you are over the moon happy. And I am so happy for you.

Friday we went to your first (and probably only) college visit at the Paul Mitchell School of Hair Design. You were so cute. You were so nervous. You wanted it to go well so badly. You wanted them to "see" you. You had NOTHING to worry about; they LOVED you!!

You did get a healthy dose of reality, and that was so good for you. You will look back on this experience and see it as a time of growth. When you asked how much it was she pulled out a piece of paper and went through the breakdown at the bottom. When she got up to get something you leaned over and said, "Mom, how much of this do I have to pay?" To which I leaned over and said, "All of it." =) The look on your face was priceless. I tried to explain that any scholarships and grants will come off of that total, and then the rest of it is where student loans will kick in. You made me smile more than once today, and for that I am so thankful.

As we toured, they told us about all the wonderful opportunities that you will have. They were telling us about their annual Fashion Show and how next year you will have the opportunity to submit your own creative hair designs for it, and if they are chosen then you get to work behind the scenes to make your designs hit the cat walk. You were so excited at that thought and then she asked you if you would be interested in modeling for the Fashion Show this year. You were so excited and couldn't say yes fast enough!!

Me on the other hand just wanted everything to s....l.....o......w....... down. But that is life with you; fast pace and exciting most of the time. I have trouble keeping up =)

So you have decided to say yes. You have already been accepted, now all you have to do is fill out the paperwork and commit. We have so many items to get done for scholarships and grants, but it is such an exciting time.

Son, I love you so much. I just don't think you will ever know how proud I am of you. You know I love the song by Mark Harris, "Find Your Wings":

.....So many different prayers I'll pray for all that you might do,
But most of all I want to know your walking in the Truth....."

That is my prayer for you, my sweet boy, ALWAYS walk in the Truth.

I love you,


My dear man,

You have held me this week, as I have been in much pain. You have been such a strength to me. You have been close to me, so close. You have rarely walked passed me this week without a touch or nudge or an "are you alright?" or a smile. Yes, my darling, you have been so close to me this week. I've loved every moment.

You have cleaned the kitchen more than once, so I could sit. You have hung shelves so we can have more organization and all the while working 10 hour days, 6 days this week. You are my hero, Dick. My hero.

Thank you for all that you do.

I love you so,


  1. How exciting that Dak is going to the Paul Mitchell School of Hair Design! Where is the school located? It is so exciting to see things start to "fall into place" for our children and it brings so much happiness to our own hearts, to see THEM happy, doesn't it? I love that song by Mark Harris, too - though it makes me cry every time I hear it!

    Dak is so blessed to have such an awesome mother who loves him so very much! I join you in praying that Dak would always walk in the truth!

    You are a blessed woman to have 2 such awesome guys in your life!

    I love you, friend,

  2. I love this! We are in 2 very different seasons, but both want the same things - for our kids to be happy and know we love them. What a terrific Mom you are. Thanks for letting us have a glimpse into your life.

  3. Dawn, Friday was an exciting day for you and Dakota. It was cool to see the glow in your eyes, and to see how proud you are of him. I also will continue to pray that he walks in the truth. You are really blessed to have a husband as good as Dick,
    lOVE YOU

  4. YAY for Dak!! That is so exciting! I know what kind of time you're having in your life right now... I was just there (seems like) yesterday. You are so blessed to have the men in your life. I have loved being loved by my men!

    I will be praying with you as Dak walks out into this life created for him... may he be held close by his Heavenly Father.

  5. Hello, I thought I would drop by to see whats happening with you Dawn.As usual,Your heart and words are full of love.It's always a pleasure to visit a sister in the Lord.Tell next time, Denise