Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some days we just need an extra dose.....

So today I got my precious Dak up for school and then I went and laid back down. (Oh this knee........somedays it is just a booger....anyway.....) and when I turned over it was after 8:00 o'clock so I dragged myself out of bed and there was Dak sitting on his bed waiting for his big (step) brother to get out of the bathroom (he'd gotten in just as Dak went to get his shoes on). I could tell Dak was frustrated and running behind. So I told him to go use my bathroom, so he did. After he dried his hair he said frustrated, "I'd brush my teeth but C is in there!"

In that moment I could see what my son needed. So I told him to not worry about it today. I told him he could be a little late for school and it would be fine. Immediately his shoulders lightened and I could see a brief and faint smile. He shook his head yes and said that was good. I told him some days we just need an extra dose of mercy and grace. To which he shook his head once again.

So I got up and went into the kitchen and there was my sweet boy standing at the counter pouring himself a bowl of cereal. For some reason it was so sweet to me. It was just a moment. Ya know what I mean? Just a sweet moment. The pressure was off, and he could be late for school this one day and even have a bowl of Lucky Charms before he left. Something he would not have been able to do if he'd been on time. Yes it was sweet to me.

You see what makes this story even more incredible is that my dear Dak HATES to be late. I know hate is a strong word, but the boy just has a strict aversion to it!!! If he's gonna be late he might as well stay home. He is just funny like that. I'm glad, because that will certainly serve him well in life, but sometimes he takes it to the extreme, like yelling at his very slow mother. It's funny (most of the time =)

So Dak left with a full belly and no pressure this morning. I wasn't harping on him to get to school on time. Not that I ever do, I just don't have to. The child is just never late for school. I honestly think this is the ONLY time this year he has been. Unless it was late for school's sake.

So this incident got me to thinking about my Heavenly Father. He is so gracious and loving and gives me an extra dose of mercy and grace when I need it. He gives me just what I need for everyday and some days that is more than others. But He alone knows how much I need for that day, because He alone knows what that day holds.

He has also been speaking to me a lot lately about DAILY going out of my tent and gathering the manna (bread) that I need that day. How do we do that in this dispensation of grace? We get our cute little selves up and grab our Bibles and we sit down for some time with Him and let Him feed us DAILY the Bread of Life. It is so very important and He is showing me just how important it is. When I do this, He speaks and when He speaks I am strengthened and when I am strengthened I can impart to others His love and mercy when needed, just like today with my dear Dak. It is a beautiful thing.

I hope you all have a Beautiful day, and remember to impart a little extra dose of mercy and grace to others where needed today.

Exodus 16:4 "The the LORD said to Moses, 'I will rain down bread from heaven for you. The people are to go out each day and gather enough for that day....' "


  1. Dawn, I taught on these very verses Monday night. About the manna being our daily need of God's Word. I read a wonderful devotion that said the word we received yesterday will not work for us today. We need Him - and yet, He is faithful to pour his grace on us. What a relief when we can take a deep breath and take a few extra seconds.

    I love this!!

  2. Isn't it amazing how little things like that make lasting impressions on you. You likely won't ever forget this morning.

    Good post, Dawn!

  3. And look at how Dak's reaction changed... dont we need to remember that grace DAILY so we also can breath a little easier? :)

    Excellent post friend!!!

  4. Great post my friend! I so needed to be reminded of this very thing today. Thank you!

  5. Sweet story Dawn and a great observation too :) I think I know a few people over here that might need a little extra dose of grace and mercy! Thanks for the reminder!