Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fun Projects and Fun Pics.....Yep a little randomness.....

So I just had to start with this picture.
Sir Cuteness LOVES to do pushups like his PaPa and Daddy,
and he HAS to do them without his shirt.
He will take his shirt off just to do them and then put it right back on.
How funny =)
And look at the form.....
Pretty good for a 2 yr old =)
Monday evening, Dak's friend Alyssa came over to see me.
She is such a doll and we have the MOST fun together.

Ummmm.....yeah, a lot of this going on!!
Heehee ~~ rock on, baby girl ~~ rock right on with your cute self =)

Yesterday I got this in the mail.
It is a Hope Note.
I will be receiving these for the next six months.
My dear friend Gretta sent this to me.

How sweet of her.
It really brightened my day.
Thanks SO much Gretta!!!
I love you girl!! You are a doll!!!!!

While I'm sitting, I am doing A LOT of scrapbook cards and projects.
Here is one of the cards I have made lately.
I'm experienting with stamps.
I LOVE this one!!!!!

This is the inside that is not done, but I thought the little bird stamp was so cute.
Now this is SO funny, because I am trying to take pictures.
RJ has inspired.
She takes some AMAZING pictures!!!
I do not have a mac-daddy camera or anything, but I do have a nice little point and shoot
that I love and I've been thinking that I could do better with picture taking,
I thought I'd give these pics a nice background.....
Enter Sir Cuteness......
and his sweet little hands.
No better background than that!!!

Oh yeah and the cows ~~
don't forget the cows!!!!!

And another shot of the cow.....

This is another card I have been working on.
It didn't turn out as cute as I wanted,
but it was my first attempt at stamping.
It's okay.....
I do LOVE the banner and the birds.....
& the cows =)


And here is the owner of said cows ~~
Have you ever?!!?!!!!!
So cute!!!!!

And the cows.....
We love our cows.....

Sweet cheeks.....

I am taking a couple of online scrapbooking classes right now over at Big Picture Classes.
And one of them is called "One Little Word".
I had been seeing people at the beginning of the year have one word for the year.
I felt God giving me my word.
I was so excited.
So when I came across this class, I knew it was for me.
This is my first page.
A tag page, that I'll be working on all year.
Love it.....

So, my word is............

I'm also taking a paper piecing class.
Look at this flower....
My first FINISHED pieced project.
I had a flop or two, but I really like the way this turned out.
I'll be showing other things as I get better (hopefully =)

This will be my title page.....
I'll have a nice color cardstock, probably yellow and then attach these cards.....

I just got the brilliant idea to write crooked on purpose =)
Love the way it turned out.....

Ok so I found this really cool App for .99
So fun!!!
It's like a photo booth.....

Hi Sir Cuteness!!!

Sweet, adorable, Sir Cuteness!!!!!

Okay, so look who I found IN my refridgerator.
SO funny!!!!!
(Don't worry, I was standing right there!!)
He loves to stand in our fridge.
Oh yes, and he brought his worm with him =)
(do not look at my refridgerator ~~
I seriously need to clean it out!!)

So there you have it ~~ that's whats gonna on in our little corner of the blog =)


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Oh my goodness this post is just filled with fun & "cuteness"!

    So glad you like the Hope Notes & I hope it does surprise you once a month with a little love from Alabama!

    Sir Cuteness is so stinking....well, CUTE! And I think I already see some little muscles popping out on those arms!

    Love, love, love all your scrapbook & paper projects! You are amazingly talented girl and I am so thankful you have found something fun to do while you recover/rest. I love seeing your new projects.

  3. I LOVE how he takes his shirt off. That is too cute.

  4. That Sir Cuteness... he just keeps growing!! And looking ADORABLE. I love him & his cows! :) And he really does have some good form going on with the push ups!

    so is Dak's hair not blue anymore? Doesnt look like it, but I know the blue could kinda fade a little... another color coming soon? :)

    Lady - you are just getting so creative & good with all your paper/Scrapbooking creations! I adore that bird stamp too!!! I love to go to Hobby Lobby & look at all the stamps. (I actually have a Beauty & the Beast one! Shocked?) haha!

    I dont think I'd have the patience to create all the things you are doing... you definitely have an eye & the talent for it - keep up the awesome work!!!

    BTW - I think of Sir Cuteness every day when I look at my calendar - its the month with the flowers & you said he put the ones so close together - I think of it everytime I look at it - ahhh! A good reminder to pray for the littel fella!

  5. That's actually REALLY good form for a two year old! Ha!

    Is Dak's hair not blue anymore????

  6. So glad that you like your Hope Notes!