Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random Friday on Thursday?.... Yep =)

So I have been wanting to post ALL WEEK, but I have been SO busy I just haven't had the chance. First off, I'd like for you all to remember my mama. She fell on Sunday and fell hard on her face. She has two black eyes and a nasty knot on her head, and she broke her thumb. We go to the doctor this afternoon for her thumb. So I'd love it if you'd pray for my sweet mama. She has really felt bad this week. In other news..... Dak and I went back to one of the schools he's looking at for the fall, and of course, we had to take our walking shoes pic........ please note I have boots on. The weather here has been SO's spring already!!!!! I'm not bitter. But..... We have a decision ~~ My sweet Dak will be a BEAR in the fall!! He will be staying close to home and going to MSU in Springfield (about 30 mins from here ~~ YAY!!) He will be living on campus and he is SO ready!!!!!

We both feel like we can concentrate on the rest of his Senior year and graduation.

And WOW the end of this year is going to be CRAZY!!!!! Tennis has started and his schedule is NUTS!!!!! But he is loving it. He is singing in the school play this year and that is next weekend (I think =) He has Districts for his Ensemble this weekend, Spring Concert in a couple of weeks and then Prom and Graduation are just around the corner. See, CRAZY!!!!! But I just love it. I'm proud of my sweet boy!!!

In other news, Sir Cuteness is currently, at this moment, sitting in his high chair in a tee shirt, underwear and his boots. The boy He is SO funny!!!!!


So let's talk about the knee, shall we? I took my mom to her Primary Care Doc last Friday, and she asked about my leg (she is my PC doc too) and I told her she didn't want to know =) So she looked at it, and said something is wrong. She asked me if I'd consider going back to Mayo to have them look at this knee. So, not really =) I'm trying to take it easy, but boy I am still not so good at it.

Here is my sweet Dak, after our meeting and his decision is made. The pressure is off. YAY!!! At least as far as where he will go.

And of course, one must eat cheesecake with two forks when one has decided to be a bear =)

Okay, so I gotta run. So nice to be back in touch =) I hopefully will be visiting y'all later today as well.

Love you so ~~

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  1. YAY for Dak!!! What an exciting time for him!!

    I hope all is well with that knee of yours.