Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reflections and an Update.....

Father has laid something on my heart that last few days. Something that I was going to wait and share with you on the 1st of April since that is our next SSMT Scripture post, but He has it so heavy on my heart today, that I felt I needed to share it.

Back in 1986 my life changed. The girl that I was, was no more. Life had altered, and so had I. On April 10, 1986 my sister Dana, who was 18 months younger than me, and who was 18 years old, by just a few weeks, died in a horrific motorcycle accident. Three months later, my husband of nearly 8 months, yes months, was killed in a freak and tragic accident on the job. He was electrocuted. It was a very difficult time in my life. I was 19, young, reeling from my sister's death and now a widow. Life would NEVER be the same. That is the way of life isn't it. Unpredictable.

Since that time, I have been fearful of bad news. It was as if I would just sit and wait for it, KNOWING that something awful was about to happen. I lived a lot of years like that.

Well, in the past several weeks, really months, God has been talking to me about that. When I first read Deidre's 3rd SSMT verse of the year, Psalm 112:7, God has been speaking to me about it. When I read it my first thought was, "that can never be my verse...." and I was sad. (Because I just felt like I was in this awful cycle of fearing bad news.)

The verse says this: Psalm 112:17 "He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD."

Over the last several days God has been speaking to me specifically about this verse ~~ have NO fear of bad news....I AM God and I AM with you and even if something happens, because you do live in a fallen world child, be thankful that I AM still God and will see you through.


So today I am resting in the fact that He is God and I do NOT have to fear bad news. My heart will be steadfast (my word for the year....NO coincidence!) and I am trusting in the LORD.

And that is EXACTLY what I told Father this morning as I prayed for my sweet little Sir Cuteness. I asked God to completely heal this little one and NO problems with his heart or anything else for that diabetes..........anemia to be gone and NO heart problems, but whatever His decision was, Sky was in His hands and there was just no better place for him to be and I trusted Him no.matter.what.

I am learning.....Praise His Name!!!!!


So I just heard the news: Sir Cuteness has a SLIGHT AND INNOCENT murmur. NOTHING to worry about!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!! NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT AT ALL!!!!!

And Chase asked him about the ketones in his urine and about what the doc said about diabetes, and so the cardiologist asked him about his blood sugar. Chase told him what it was and the doc said that he didn't see any signs that Sir Cuteness was in the beginning stages of diabetes and that from all that he saw, because they did an EKG and electrocardiagram, he looks like a completely happy and healthy little boy!!!


(She) will have NO fear of bad news, her heart is steadfast; trusting in the (LORD).


Now to help Dak decide on college ........... the fun never ends around here =)
There is a decision on the horizon. I will post as I know. He decided last night and then undecided again. Kids =)

Thank you all for your prayer support and love for our family ~~ it means more to us than you will ever know.

Trusting in Him,


  1. FIRST - PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO happy to hear the good news about that precious one! YES YES YES!!! High-fiving God right now for you!!!!!

    Your story friend - what a testimony of strength. I love your honesty here... I can relate. "Bad news" scares me too... but its just remember that NOTHING is bad news if we know that God is working in it, right? Hard to grasp onto sometimes - but its all about perspective.

    Oh - I'm just so happy for you & your news today!!!!! I know its like a weight being lifted off your shoulders!!!

    Celebrate with that cute face boy!

    And continued prayers on college choices!!!! What fun!

  2. Great post on so many levels, Dawn!!! PTL for the good news.

  3. PTL for answered prayers!! I am so happy for your good news that I could just cry as I thank God for His faithfulness!

    And your!! Thank you for opening up your heart and sharing that with us. It is so encouraging to read your strength, mindset and determination.

    Love you sister and praising the Lord with you today!!

  4. That is a beautiful reflection on that verse, woven in with your very powerful testimony. Praising Him with you today, so thankful for GOOD NEWS but even more grateful that we don't have to fear bad news, when that day comes for each of us. Great encouragement Dawn, thank you for this. I needed to hear it today. Blessings!

  5. praise God, dawn! - He hears us when we cry out and He cares about us!