Friday, March 25, 2011

Random Friday is Back.....And BOY is it Random!!!!!

I love doing a Random post on Friday's to wrap up the week and it is something I can look back on and see what was going on.

How about some Randomness.....................
Tuesday I got the priviledge to take this pretty girl to get her Senior pictures taken.
Look how gorgeous!!!!!
Okay so no, these are NOT her Senior Pics. These were taken with my "Pod".........
but look how gorgeous!! We had so much fun. She is a doll and I'm looking so forward to getting her pictures back. She took some AMAZING SHOTS!!!!!

And then yesterday, me and this crazy kid headed to McAlister's
in support of our Project Grad. We had the best time.
We went early, because my allergies are just NUTS!!!!!
So we got there and ordered......

And yes, PLEASE notice the hair. NO MORE BLUE!!!!!
YAY!!! I better son thanks so much =)

And here I am, not frowning.............
Just eating......
I am SERIOUS about my food people.........
Especially McAlister's......
Come on now.....

And just to prove that I can laugh at myself.......
Here is, not my most flattering picture.....
but girl can eat, and is serious about her food =)

Oh and for the record.....Dak is SO mean to take a picture of me eating =)
Let me just tell you that Sir Cuteness has been running around all day being the incredibly cute two year old that he is. No sign AT ALL of any issues with him. SO THANKFUL!!!!!
We serve an absolutely AMAZING GOD!!!!!
Let's talk about the knee for a minute.....
Wait let's not.
I haven't been the best girl this week and it is showing.
It is so hard to sit, but I am recommitted to this journey.
I know it is best.
Go ahead, throw something at your computer.....
I know......
me = pitiful
I have a great friend who comes at least twice a week to help me.
It is just so hard to accept the help.
But thanks SO MUCH to G for ALWAYS stepping in and helping me in any way she can.
You are truly a gift friend.
On another note, what in the blue blazes just happened on AI?
I mean serouisly. Casey Abrams is really good. I figured he was a front runner.
Crazy stuff!!
So I will be resting this weekend and trying to get over this allergy nonsense.
Have a Blessed weekend,


  1. Love the randomness! I love McAlister's but the closest one is almost 2 hours away so it is certainly a treat when I do get to eat there.

    Dak's hair looks more Smurf!

    Glad you've enjoyed some "activity" but also thankful to hear you do know your limits. It is hard to be down and let others do for you sometimes but in the end,it is the best thing! I'm proud of you for your commitment to this healing journey.

    Hope you and the family have a great weekend!!!

  2. Oh... girl... We both have to go on a recruiting of Casey Voters!!!!

    Love the blond streak in Dak's hair. MUCH better!!!!

    So glad Sir Cuteness is back to feeling like a 2 yr old!!!!

    Poor thing - I know its so hard for you to stay down. And how can you really with Dak's college stuff & that 2 yr old running around? But glad that "G" is around to help you... what a sweet friend!!!

    Talking about sweet friends - how nice of you to take that GORGEOUS girl to her senior pictures... you are surrounded by some pretty cool kids!