Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Letters ~~

My dear sweet Dakota,

WOW what a week you have had!! I am saying that a lot lately =) But this Senior Year is fun and full of "what a week" events.

You had SWCL Music Conference Saturday. Your choir got a 1 and took first place and got a huge trophy. You were SO proud and happy!!! Your ensemble (you, Alyssa & Kailee), also got a 1 and y'all are headed to Districts. You were just so happy!! And I am so happy for you.

Your hair is still blue.


This weekend, your dad bought you your Graduation present: a new Toshiba Netbook. You.are.thrilled. So happy!! You came home this morning and told me you had to shower and then you were going to unfold your new, blue Netbook. I love you. Blue hair and all.


We will be able to Skype while you are in college. I am so happy and excited!!! I can still see your beautiful face, and keep up with your hair color. It's blue right now, by-the-way....

I'm not bitter.


This week, is another BIG week for us!!! On Thursday, we will go on your last college visit and then decision time. And I have decided that I will not annouce to ANYONE (except immediate, living in the house, family) until you have your decision made complete with acceptance letter (or acceptance e-mail). I thought that would be fun.

I Love You for Always ~~ mom


Sir Cuteness,

You are so stinkin' sweet. This week, we got a new Winnie the Pooh app on our "pod". As we were playing it one afternoon, you put your arm around my neck (so sweet) and said, "Gamma, you my best friend." After I melted a little I said, "Your my best friend too". How sweet is that? You are so sweet.

In a week and a half we will know how your sweet heart is doing. We're praying for you my sweet boy.

Papa, right this very minute, is on his way to your favorite park to take pictures and get ideas on how he is going to build your backyard playground. You are going to love it, little man.

Love you to the moon ~~ gamma


My Mr. Winslow,

You love me so very well. You have cleaned our carpets today and caught up our laundry and dishes. You will NEVER know how much this means to me and how I wish I could be helping you. I love you so much. You are my hero.

This week you have held me close and helped me so much. I thank you.

And now you are getting ready to start building a playground for our little g-babe. You are gonna love that. You are so creative and SO good at whatever you do. I love that about you. You are a perfectionist in the best kind of way.

I love you Sweetie ~~ Petrii

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  1. Only a couple months left in D's senior year! Yowza!! He is making the most of it, isn't he?? Blue hair and all!

    I love that you and Sky are BFFs!!